Does Friendship Have An Expiration Date?

9:31 PM

  • 1 : the state of being friends
  • 2 : the quality or state of being friendly : friendliness

   Friendship is one of the strongest things and the weakest things. It is something that everybody craves, everybody wants to be part of a group, to have friends, to feel like they belong. Nobody really knows when friendship starts or ends, but what I will write about now is how it ends, not when, but how. Is it true that friendship has an expiration date?

   I have been friends with a classmate of mine for six years. We were best friends and people have always mistaken us for twins. When we first met, I was a very shy girl and she just walked up to me and introduced herself. She helped me become more confident. We were inseparable. So, why do I dislike her now? I talked to a classmate of mine and he told me that he had a group of friends before, all of whom he fought with, he isn't as close to them now. He also told me that when you have been friends with a person for a long period of time you start seeing the bad things about them and they start seeing the bad in you. Eventually, all of the anger, irritation, and contempt boil up to the surface, people get hurt, and friendship ends.

   For me, when a friendship survives seven years worth of arguments, misunderstandings, and trials, it can then be considered true friendship. When a person knows everything about you and is still your friend, then they can be considered genuine. 

   Friendship should have love and care.
   Friendship should survive tears, smiles, laughter, anger, and confusion.
   Friendship should be strong, yet gentle.
   Friendship should have trust. When you have gained someone's trust, take care of it.

   Friendship is something that can happen at the most random times. Friendship is something that can end in the blink of an eye. We should talk to our friends about our problems are ask them for advice. 

  I don't think that friendship has an expiration date, I think that friendship just has a lot of challenges. We can overcome these challenges if we work hard enough. I believe that the reason why people think that friendship has an expiration date is because at one point in friendship, friends will encounter a challenge so big that it seems impossible to get past. If we put faith in the friendship that we really want, we will be able to get past that 'expiration date' and the bond between two friends will grow stronger. 

   Remember, friendship isn't easy. Friendship is something you put effort into, but also remember that if the effort you are exerting is not appreciated maybe it is time to put effort into something or someone else.



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