Countdown to 2k14: One Thing I Learned to Never Forget

12:14 AM

There's only 1 day left til' New Year, so I'll share to you the one important thing I learned this year. 

There is one thing that I will never forget which I actually learned this year. It's all about learning to love yourself. I will never forget this for as long as I live. 

I came to this conclusion when I started thinking about all of the popular commercials promoting whitening creams or those products that are "guaranteed to make you thinner in two weeks". Those commercials are just big, fat lies, brainwashing us, making us think that being white or thin is better. 

I learned that though it is good to think about other people's feelings, we shouldn't forget about our own feelings. Everybody is equal to one another. Nobody's feelings is superior to another person's feelings. Why can't we look at ourselves first and keep in mind that we are special, important, and beautiful? Why do we always forget to consider our own feelings?

This year I found the answers to those questions and I'll share them to you.

Nobody can live a good life thinking all about themselves. That is why, most of us tend to care too much about others. Even I admit that I do this. Because of this, we find it hard to balance everything. We can't balance our care for ourselves and for others. Another reason why is because we always see ourselves as ugly because that's what society let's us see. Society is a bitch. We look in the mirror and we say "why do I have so many flaws while models look stunning and perfect all the time?" Ain't I right? 

I admit that I see a lot of flaws in myself, and I hate it. I really do, but there are times when I look at my reflection in the mirror and tell myself, I am gorgeous.

You are all wonderful!

Happy New Year's Eve! 


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2015 Reading Challenge
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