Fearless 2013

9:33 AM

Have you conquered any of your fears this year? 

2013 was a pretty eventful year for me. I've done a lot of things I've never done before, like set up an online shop, join orgs, direct a short film, write a screenplay - but the one thing I've done this year that I am most proud of is creating this blog. Now that it's about to come to a close, I can't believe I've become so fearless.

I was a writer, I am a writer, and I always will be a writer. Who cares if I'm not employed in a magazine or newspaper or that I haven't had a single story published? I write and write and write, and no one can ever take that away from me. 

I'm proud of my writing.

And this is the fear I've conquered in 2013. 

For years, I've had my own personal blog and journal but I always kept them on private. Not everyone knows this, but I have been blogging since I was 11 years old. I've had about 3 blogs, but they're all set to private. I was afraid to be judged by what I wrote. I was embarrassed by my writing and didn't like people getting into my thoughts.

But 2013 came along, and I had just gotten off crossroads, felt a bit lost with life, got into an existential crisis, got my heart broken, basically went through a lot of shit - when it hit me that I've been hiding myself all these years. I've taken to my blog to express my thoughts but what good was it if no one could read what I wrote? So I decided, why not create a blog? A PUBLIC one? A blog where I can share my innermost feelings and have people agree with me, disagree with me, love me or want to kill me. Your choice.

Because to be a writer, you shouldn't be afraid. And I don't mean you should be totally fearless. You can be afraid of what's out there or what's not out there, or where your life is heading towards, or why society is so cruel and why can't people just be nice without having anything in it for them, or why you keep failing in this class, or why you can't get a decent job, or whatever. But what you can't be afraid of is opening up and telling your stories. Not just one, but a lot of them. You can't be afraid of words, they're your greatest tool to affecting change. Through your writing, the world will change even for just a fraction of a second. You can't be afraid of people reading your works and judging them. You have to be proud. You have to be unafraid. You have to be strong, my writer friend. Writing is your therapy. It is like breathing. And it deserves to let loose and be free. Let it fly. 

And you won't regret it.

So go forth and write ❤️

Have a Fearless New Year everyone! Continue conquering your fears :)

-kimi :)

P.S. What about you? Share your fearless stories below! :)

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