The Christmas Series: Number Two

5:57 PM

Before you get any ideas, no I am not talking about poop.

Well of course, I'd be lying if I say I didn't get the idea of writing about poop for today's thanksgiving. Imagine paragraphs and paragraphs about the mechanics of pooping and how it has contributed to everyday life and society in ways unimaginable. Man, I could go on about it forever. Tempting. Almost wrote about it, but no.

There are a lot of more important things to talk about, say, pizza

But no, I'm not talking about pizza either, since it has nothing to do with the number two (which isn't poop, I repeat, NOT POOP). As much as I love pizza and could write about it for as long as I live, I can't. Tempting, but no. 

(Interested about pizza? Read what my friend Beryl has to say about it in thanksgiving #4

So what's today's thanksgiving then, you ask?

Well let's try something cheesier than pizza today.


But come on, you know me, I don't really like corny mushy stuff and I'm not going to talk about how I'm thankful for world peace and love and friendship makes the world a better place with butterflies and rainbows in the sky. Ech. Let me just throw up for a second.

No, not my thing, sorry.

Instead, I'd like to talk about how I'm thankful about peace in a different and more interesting way (hopefully) 

Let's start with a little trivia. Did you know that somewhere sometime in the 1900s, the peace symbol was first used during World War II as a symbol of victory? The Allied powers mostly used this v symbol to express their happiness after winning the war. It's become such a powerful symbol during that time; it also became a symbol that unified them as allies.

I find it quite funny and ironic how this sign used to be a celebration of the winning in a war, whereas today it has become a symbol of friendship and peace. A symbol that not just discourages war, but condemns it. So there will be no war victories here, since war is pretty much wrong in so many levels when peace is ever present in the world. There will just be a victory for peace in humanity.

I'm really thankful of the peace symbol. 

I'm thankful that the word peace is symbolically portrayed through the gesture of the index finger and middle finger raised together and parted while the other fingers are clenched, like doing the letter V sign or number 2. 

I love how the symbol is used by people today as a pose during pictures. I love seeing people take selfies with their two fingers up in the air. I know some people think that this is very jeje (), but I love seeing people with friends and families interacting everyday through this symbol.

What once was a symbol of victory in a war is now a universal symbol that means peace. Isn't that awesome? How you could just raise two fingers in the air to anyone in the world as you smile with your teeth out, without worrying if it could be negatively interpreted because everyone in the world knows what you mean. It's a very powerful symbol that connects people all over the world, and I think that without the peace symbol, wacky photos just wouldn't be the same, don't you agree?

So being the peace loving person I am, I will never be hesitant or afraid to be judged in using the peace sign. It has become a part of our culture and natural human behavior so shouldn't we be proud and embrace it? 

Oh and before I end, I think it's time to mention the hippies who made the peace symbol very popular that losers like us copied them and made it mainstream. 

You rock guys.

(I guess I did become cheesy there but come on..... I'm talking about peace and it's Christmas, bitches! Can't help to be even a little mushier than usual)

Share the peace everyone, especially this Christmas season! :)

Make peace not war yo! ✌

-k ;)

Christmas Countdown: 2 DAYS!!!!!!!

Snowman: days done and the date today
B: Beryl
A: Audrey
K: Kimi
Santa Claus: Christmas!!!

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