The Christmas Series: 10 Titles;10 Fingers

5:59 PM

 Guess what happens when Kimi, Audrey and Beryl's minds unite? First, the "Geeky Chiquitas" was formed, and now we present "The Christmas Series"! It's the greatest time of the year, and we think it's the perfect opportunity for thanksgiving, which will be the primary theme of this Christmas blog series. Don't expect ordinary, cliche posts about usual stuff like family, friends, but instead we'll bring in a new twist! Expect inspiring, funny, and fresh tales coming your way this Christmas season.

This Christmas Series will be composed of ten consecutive blog posts about anything we're thankful for, and these will be released exactly ten days before Christmas - which means that there will be a new blog post every single day for ten straight days! We've been looking forward to launch our first ever blog series, and we think now's the perfect time.

So for today December 15, exactly 10 days before Christmas, I (Beryl) will begin with my 1st thanksgiving post!

Recently I have been thinking  that I take some things for granted. I don't show much appreciation to things that I don't work hard for. I didn't even take the time to realize that without those things, most or maybe all of my accomplishments wouldn't even have existed. Just like my ten fingers, I can't even type right now and make this blog post without them. I wouldn't be able to share this to you without them. My small hands made small achievements as a child, and as I grow, I take those small achievements to become bigger. Knowing that I am capable of doing the right things, no one could stop me. These fingers can make a big difference, and I should know the real purpose of them in my life. 

A lesson I learned behind all of this is that God won't give us things we don't need or is unnecessary. All those who keep on saying that their life is useless, I guess you haven't found what your purpose is yet. You wouldn't be born without something to find out in your life. If a person without arms and legs can do something huge, what more can I do being fully capable.

My ten fingers make up my two hands to explore, to touch, to feel and most importantly to know its purpose. 

The first thanksgiving goes to my ten fingers. 

Christmas Countdown: 10 days
Legend: snowman- mark of the day
            : A-Audrey
            : K-Kimi
            : B-Beryl
            : Santa- Christmas 

-B :)

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