The Christmas Series: 8am classes, please love me

6:14 PM

Because really, who loves 8am classes?

Nobody, right? So for this blog post I just wanna list down all the reasons (and now you'll know this will be fast because really how many reasons could there be? Lol I'm kidding but yes this will be short I promise and now I'm rambling again sorry) why I am thankful for 8am classes.

I Just realized recently that I haven't had any 8am classes since last school year, term 3. While there are no complaints in my department whatsoever with regards to my no-8am-classes schedule for the past two terms, I'd like to somehow maybe justify that 8am classes could be a good thing too.

Shocker huh? 

But jokes aside (was there a joke??? Ha-ha. Not funny...) 8am classes have done a lot of good to me too.

And it's only now that I haven't had an 8am class in a long time that I realize how much 8am classes have changed my life for the better (to some extent).

Absence makes the heart grow fonder they say. 
Ha. Ha. Ha. Really.

8am classes challenge me to sleep earlier. Back when I had 8am classes, I made it a point to sleep before midnight, mainly because I'd count how many hours I would have left for sleep and it would drive me crazy if it were less than 8 or 7 hours. I hated the feeling of puyat (sleep deprivation), and knowing that I had an 8am class the next day always motivated me to finish whatever I was doing so I could call it a day and get some rest. There were a few exceptions of course, when I had to do something important for majors the night before or something, but that aside, I almost always slept early back then.

For the past two terms, my classes would start at 9:40 or 11:20, and because of that I always thought that "oh my class isn't until 9 or 11, so I can spend my night lying in bed reading useless shit on the internet and laughing my ass off on stupid jokes - and oh OMG it's 3am already? I didn't notice, god time flies when you're having fun!"

Except it's not fun when you have to get up in about 3 hours, and there you go just staring into space like a walrus when your alarm sets off.

8am classes give me the discipline to sleep early - something that I kind of lack nowadays, that whenever I have an early calltime for production, it's always such a pain for me to wake up early. Long story short, it's because my body can no longer adjust to the sleep-early-wake-up-early schedule. My body clock is so screwed up after all the nights I've slept at 3am or even later. 

So I'd just like to dedicate this blog post and take a few seconds of silence in adoration of 8AM CLASSES. Because really, you guys are the bomb. 

(And yes I will be having 8am classes next term, so this blog will also be a plead and offer to the 8am gods that I may be able to survive my 8am class schedule next term because ya'll know I am SO not used to it anymore)

(8am classes please love me)

Alright so there's my one reason! See, told you it'll be quick! 

Just one final note:
Next time you have an 8am class, don't complain! Instead see the good side of it, because it's always better to see a glass as half full instead of half empty! :)

(Sorry for going all philosophical there all of a sudden - couldn't help it tho. My apologies)


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