DIY Shirt #2

6:28 PM

Just as I promised, here is my second shirt DIY for the day! I used a normal green shirt then designed it to be somewhat ragged but still unique. 

This design can be paired up with your favorite shorts and is a great way to turn your unwanted tshirts into something fun! 

You can even wear this in parties just like what Kimi did before! 

Because I found this really cool, I'll show you the step by step tutorial below! 

Step 1: Cut a small part of the sleeves.

Step 2: Rip out the remaining sleeves. 

Step 3: Measure how long you want the strips to be then fold it. 

Step 4: Cut a small part of the folded portion.

Step 5: Cut small strips at the measured part. 

Step 6: Start pulling off the strips so that it won't fall flat.

Then it's done! 

It's the perfect thing to do when you're bored. You just need a pair of scissors then you're ready!

Which one do you like better? :) 

Tell me your other suggestions and don't forget to comment below! =)


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2015 Reading Challenge
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