DIY Shirt #1

5:53 PM

Holiday seasons are the perfect time for DIYs! How cool is it when a simple shirt can turn into something new? Today, I made two DIY shirts just by using simple materials. In fact, I didn't spend on anything. 

Basic tshirts are the bomb guys! You can transform it into anything you want. This DIY is one way to make use of your tshirts which you don't use anymore. 

 I really had fun making the shirts, so I'll share the steps with you! 

Step 1: Get a shirt that you are willing to cut. 

Step 2: Fold a part of the shirt.

Step 3: Cut the folded part. 

Step 4: Do the same until the bottom. 

Step 5: Get the fabric that was cut then wrap it around

Step 6: Sew it on the sides. 

It's done! 

Hope you enjoyed this DIY like I did! Stay tuned for another shirt DIY! 

Turn your old shirts into creative new ones! =) 


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2015 Reading Challenge
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