The Christmas Series: My 4 Kinds of Love for 4 Cheese Pizza

6:53 PM

If you don't love pizza, then we can't be friends.



My love for pizza is definitely indescribable. I love pizza so much that I can eat it everyday in every meal. I can eat pizza like there's no tomorrow. Pizza is like the love of my life. 

Speaking of love, I can even compare my love for pizza with the four kinds of love.

The first kind is storge, which means family love. For me, the role of a family is those people around you, taking care of you. When you grow older and older, slowly everone will also let you go for you to start create your own life. In cases, when I feel alone, I know that with just a bite of pizza, I'll feel complete. 

The second kind of love is philia, which means brotherly love. A brother is someone who is always with you to listen to your rants and will comfort you. Of course, there are some things which you would want to keep to yourself, and when that happens, I know there is always pizza to comfort me. 

The next kind of love is eros, which is sexual love or romantic love. Well pizza contains lots of calories but who cares when you really can't resist it. Eros is the love which you can't resist either. The kind of love that makes you crazy and hopelessly romantic and sexy. Yes eating pizza is sexy, contrary to popular belief.

Last but not the least is agape, which is unconditional love. I can just say that I truly love pizza, thin crust or not, with pineapples or without. I love pizza unconditionally irrevocably and indefinitely. That means forever.

All I can say is that pizza is my greatest love.

-B :)

Christmas Countdown: 4 days to go! 

Legend: Snowman- mark of the day and days done
            : A- Audrey
            : K- Kimi 
            : B- Beryl
            : Santa- Christmas!!

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