Countdown to 2k14: My 3 Overwatched Movies of the Year

4:27 PM

There's only 3 days left before New Year, so for today's countdown, I'll be sharing the top 3 mainstream movies I over watched this year. 

Catching Fire

This is a pretty obvious one, given I've already written 2 blogposts about this movie (this being the 3rd). The movie certainly isn't the best movie of the year (far from it actually, lol it could be improved) but being The Hunger Games, Peeniss/Everlark, Jennifer Lawrence, and Josh Hutcherson stan that I am, of course I had to watch it 3 times in the theaters, and 12345678900 times at home on my computer. No regrets though, my download even had Chinese subtitles and shadows occasionally passing by the screen. Isn't that awesome?

What I got out of this: I can act out (with feelings) the beach scene line by line (Peeta: Nobody needs me. Katniss: I do. I need you *momol*), the scene at the end when Katniss attacks Haymitch (Katniss: You lied to me! You're a liar! *scratches and attacks Haymitch's face), the Katniss and Peeta speech scene (Peeta: Our lives aren't measured by years they are measured by the lives we've touched around us. Katniss: I'm sorry I couldn't save her) and more! And yes I can deliver these scenes WITH LEGIT FEELINGS! Oh and I can fake whistle the Rue song, and I know that the credits come out in order of appearance.


Okay, so before anything let me get this straight. Out of the 11 times I saw this movie, only 3 times did I watch it willingly. The other 8 times I watched it because my little 4 year old cousin wanted to see the movie over and over again and I had no choice but to play it for her, thus tempting myself to actually watch it again. I only watched this once in theaters, and I reacted at the end saying "wow I am so watching this again!" Who knew again meant 8, 9, I mean, 10 more times? 

What I got out of this: I can sing all the songs in the soundtrack, most notably Let it Go and Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? I've memorized all these songs, and I know all the timings, like when the music fades in or fades out or which songs will play at which scene. I also know the dialogue in the Elsa Anna confrontation scenes, notably the "Go away, Anna" scene.

Pitch Perfect
I know Pitch Perfect came out last year but I only saw it this year so it still deserves a slot on this list. 

I can't even reiterate how much i hate this movie. But my most watched movie of the year award goes to this mindless juvenile excuse of a musical. I really really can't stand watching this movie but for some reason I've seen it more than 10 times already, I've actually lost count. It's so stupid - the characters are so 2 dimensional, there is zero plot or character development, the jokes are cringe worthy, the music is so-so, but god there's just something about this movie that made me see it as much times I did. I still don't know why.

What I got out of this: I know the choreography of I Saw the Sign and can mimic the girl puking. Plus I lost a few brain cells too.

What are your overwatched movies of the year? :) sound off in the comments below!

-kimi :)

New Year Countdown: 3 days!!!

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