Lucky 13

Hi guys!

After a week full of unit tests and assignments, here comes the weekend. :) So now I'm back to blogging! Since it was my birthday yesterday, I'm going to give you the full deets about my lucky 13 ;)

For my birthday cake, I chose a heart-shaped one just for fun. 

Of course here's my hashtag ootd :)) 
I'm really obsessed with flower crowns recently so here I am wearing one.

Here are the other pics with my sister and cousins!

For me, this is a very lucky birthday compared to last year's. Usually there would be a typhoon exactly on my birthday, and that would be the reason for no celebration. But this year, it was different. It was so much fun and I can definitely say that it's a very lucky 13th birthday. :)

- Beryl 

Without passion, there is nothing: An organizer's experience in the first ever Student Media Congress

(I look so horrible and stressed on this picture but please don't judge... I was up at 4am. HEHE)

I first heard of the Student Media Congress from a pub on Facebook. They were recruiting people to organize the event, and I immediately signed up to be part of the organizing team, just because. It was basically just because I wanted something to keep myself preoccupied with outside my acads - and what better way but to help organize an event dedicated to educating students about the changing media landscape? But I never really thought that time that it would impact me in ways unimaginable.

Day 1 - July 26, 2013
Calltime for Day 1 was at 5am. I woke up really early, excited to get to work. I was assigned to be the PA for some representatives from one of the sponsors, The Philippine Daily Inquirer. I was nervous, since I've never had prior experience in being a PA for a bigtime speaker - and especially not TWO. There were two of them assigned to me, and they were bringing in a team of 6 people as well, with 4 cars. It was really stressful and tiring since the parking space given to them was located at the other end of the campus, very very far from the venue where the congress was being held. But it was really worth it, not just because it was fun, but because they somehow really liked me that they gave me a notebook, ballpen, notepad AND 6 tickets to Wolverine!!!! Only regret though: I wasn't able to get a picture with them :(

Day 1 had a lot of great speakers too - Maria Ressa, Val Victa, Jaemark Tordecilla, and so much more! Although I wasn't able to hear all the talks they gave because I was too busy accommodating my own speakers, I did get to catch short glimpses from each speech. It was very informative and interesting to know so many new things about media. After the event, we had a meeting with the team, and prepared for Day 2. I got home a little early (relatively, anyway) 8pm. I only ate a hotdog for the whole day, I spent all day running around the campus to fetch my speakers, and I lacked sleep - BUT I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT :)

Here's a full photo recap of my Day 1! :)

Day 2 - July 27, 2013
Calltime for Day 2 was a little later - 6am. While Day 1 was a whole day event of full of talks, on the other hand, Day 2 was filled with individual workshops, either competing or non competing. I was assigned as workshop head for 3 workshops. Day 2 was a little less tiring than Day 1 since I didn't have to run around the campus, but pretty stressful nonetheless. I didn't get to eat lunch (again), I had to deal with a lot of mad people who didn't like waiting, I had to meet and converse with speakers who were somehow pretty intimidating - but I learned so much! :)

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