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The idea to create a blog came to mind during a carride - and the rest was history. At first, the blog was simply personal and for fun, but friends and family started to take notice of the blog, and the three girls saw its potential. They started to revamp and promote the blog in December 2013, and officially opened on January 1, 2014. Geeky Chiquitas is primarily a book blog, and occasionally a blog about lifestyle, food, DIY, TV, film, and all things random.

Since she was a little kid, Kimi has loved writing. She started blogging at 11 years of age and has been blogging ever since. A Communication Arts major, Kimi is also an aspiring film maker and film is her 2nd love (after books of course). She loves eating, reading, and talking. She is a self-proclaimed nerd/geek who learned HTML when she was 10 years old, is addicted to Harry Potter since she was 8, and recently, has become a Whovian.

Beryl is a smart girl who always follows her dreams. She likes eating and sleeping. In 2013 she decided to give blogging a try and fell in love with it. She is a self-proclaimed pizza-lover, shopper extraordinaire, and beautification specialist. She likes to blog about DIY stuff. One day, Beryl hopes to learn how to dance, read more books, and become a known blogger.

Audrey is a bookworm who learned how to read at the age of 3. She likes ignoring people most of the time, but when she starts talking, she never shuts up. Though she seems like a very serious person spending most of her time burying her face under a book, Audrey is actually pretty crazy, so you better watch out!

Know more about the Geeky Chiquitas by reading the blog!

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2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Kimi has read 3 books toward her goal of 100 books.