The Real Reasons Why I Don't Like Wearing Watches

10:27 AM

Okay, I know you're wondering "Kimi, how can you NOT LIKE WEARING WATCHES??? Is this for real???" Well, this is for real, and I really don't like wearing watches, and I have my reasons - and you can find them further into this post.

So I have a friend who just hates the fact that I don't wear a watch. She just thinks it isn't normal for me to not wear a watch, and it annoys her how I have to open my phone just to check the time. And so, I feel like it is imperative for me to justify why I do not like wearing watches, and why I think it's best for me to not wear a watch. I'm not saying I don't like WATCHES, I actually like them, I just don't like WEARING them.

Oh and I'm not convincing anyone that wearing watches is not good, I'm just explaining my own preference of not wanting to wear watches. So without further ado, the reasons:

1. Wrist suffocation

I'm fine with bracelets cause they dangle on your wrists, but watches, just no. I know there is no factual basis for this reason but I also think that wearing a watch can possibly hinder the flow of blood, since it feels suffocating on the part of my wrist. And I know you'll say, why don't you just make it a little loose? Well, no I can't because I don't like how the watch dangles on my wrist since it's TOO HEAVY, unlike a bracelet. So better it be tight, at least it wouldn't fall off as well. Plus I have greater hate for the mark it leaves on my wrist after removing the watch.

2. Higher chance of getting holdapped
Because really, when has wearing a watch ever not been snatcher bait? I've heard of countless stories from friends who got holdapped in jeepneys, streets or anywhere while commuting just because they had that shiny watch thing on their wrist. I'm not really sure why watches have to be made so valuable, I mean it's just this thing that tells the time. I'd rather not wear one in public. And I don't want to keep wearing one then keep removing it when I have to commute - that's just too much of a hassle, putting on and taking off and putting on again a watch. So not my thing. And if I lose the watch, my parents would probably kill me since it's supposedly expensive and all. I'd rather not take the chance and just not wear the friggin' watch in the first place, so there'd be no chance for it to get lost.

3. That annoying tick tock sound
My last reason may sound pretty dumb to most of you, but I just hate the tick tock sound of the watch. I mean, the one day I decided to give watches a try and not just keep them in the cabinet and stare at their shininess, I heard that tick tock sound, tried to locate where it came from, realized it was from the stupid watch and it totally freaked me out. I thought I could hear my heart beat so loudly. I don't even know how to deal with that without hyperventilating. Maybe I should look for a silent watch or something, but I'm scared - I don't think I could recover from that trauma the first time I noticed the sound. 

I know, I know, I have my issues. But  I am sure you have you're own too.

What are the "normal" things that you don't like doing? 

You know what to do! ;)

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  1. Great blog post! I'll never wear a watch ever again. Haha. Kidding. It is kinda useless if you're not used to the "heaviness" of wearing a watch, but MOST people use it because it's convenient and I'm one of those. It's really hassle for me to turn on your phone to know the time when clearly, you can just look at your wrist. And well, you have a higher chance of getting mugged when you take out your phone in public palaces. Just saying. ;)

    1. Thanks for your advice and I surely won't put out my phone in public just to check the time. Haha!


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