Random Ramblings: School is a Pressure Cooker

9:57 AM

This is something that I have been thinking about lately so I thought of sharing it to the public.

Last night at 2am I snuck out of bed and called my mommy to sleep with me. She did, because she's my momma and she probably thought I deserved it since it was my last night at home. I know I'm such a baby but that was just for one night.

Today I'm leaving home to go back to college. You'd think that 3 years of doing this would've already made me used to it, but no, it just gets worse every year. As my subjects get even more difficult, as I see my grades plummet, as I stop caring, as I open my Facebook page and actally look at all those horrifying school related notifications, I can't help to hate school more and more. 3 years of college and I'm already sick of if. Sick of it, sick of it. Pretty ironic that I'm a double major huh? It's just that I have so many other plans for my life - plans that have no need for school at all. Yes, I do have good grades, I do strive hard to maintain them even though they get lower and lower as my major subjects get harder. But I keep asking myself WHAT'S THE POINT?

I'm not even being lazy here when I say this.

It's just that I don't see how school can become an avenue for growth if all it does is pressure you. I mean pressure is good and all, if if keeps you moving and in momentum. But pressure becomes bad, if like me, you just begin to stop caring because it is getting too hard. I don't like to end every term looking at my grades and thinking "oh no, I need this 3.5 to become a 4 so I can get into the 1st honor dean's list." or "oh no what do I do with this 2.0 how will I become summa/magna cum laude" So you know what? I just stopped caring!

I don't even want to think about Latin honors anymore. I'd just like to see school as a place where I can learn, find friends, join an org, maybe... Not a place where I take useless subjects and terror profs whose life mission is to torment me. I don't like to think about getting honors during graduation. Graduating would already be enough, a proof that I survived the hell I went through for 5 years and 1 term.

I just thought of pointing out that I learned HTML without school, photo editing and video editing WITHOUT school, writing and reading WITHOUT school, blogging WITHOUT school, and God knows my online shop was not a product of what I learned in school. Never even applied a single thing from college algebra. And I learned this all on my own, WILLINGLY and AT MY OWN PACE, without being pressured by what grade I'm going to get or how I'm going to fair compared to 40 other students.

Not bragging here, but it just goes to show that there are a lot of stuff you can learn outside of school. And so, I can't help but to like summer vacation and Christmas vacation and all other school breaks because those are the times when I can spend time with family and friends, gain real life experiences, but also dedicate my time to doing things I can learn from. Like reading books and watching films and series. I've actually picked up a lot more from my constant exposure to pop culture than classes in college. 

There must be something about the fact that most kids don't look forward to going to school at all, and when they are in school, they just count down the days to vacation. Is it possible for people to actually say "I can't wait for school" instead of "I can't wait for school to end"? 

I don't know, but until something changes in the system, we won't be hearing that any time soon.

What are your thoughts about school? Please let us know through your comments. :)

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  1. Ergh, school. I only recently finished my first year of university, and don't go back until February, and I already dread the assignments, tests and exams that are yet to come.

    I definitely agree with you, I don't understand how something that is meant to help you, is also something that makes you feel as though you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. I stress more during school (and about school) then I do anything else.

    1. Yeah, I completely agree! I do hope the system or curriculum will be changed.

  2. I feel you, girl! And it's just my second semester. :/ Hopefully, we find out the answers sooner.


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