RANDOM RAMBLINGS: Generation Z & Adults

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Teenagers have always been a mystery to adults, but honestly we're not that mysterious. Adults misunderstand us. They think we're the kind of people who will end up homeless and unemployed. They think that we're disrespectful, sarcastic, shallow people who will end up becoming bums and/or couch potatoes. Well, we're not (although, inevitably, some of us will). Adults judge. Some of them act like they know everything, not accepting correction. 

I would like to talk about some topics that involve our generation and adults.

1. Technology
All that talk about technology ruling the younger generation's brains, making us more and more stupid everyday, is absolute crap. It's just not true. Adults also use a lot of gadgets! Some of them even rely on it more than we do! Some of them think that you won't get anything done without gadgets. Those people probably wouldn't stand a day without their phones or their computers. It's true that some teenagers are like that too. I am as guilty of this as the unnamed adults that I am talking about. Gadgets aren't useless but they aren't the way to everything either. 

2. Assumptions
Let me just say that I hate it when adults assume things that aren't even remotely correct. They judge people by how they dress. They judge books and movies by the covers or the titles and I just hate that. I know that when they do this they're just looking out for us, but that doesn't make it less frustrating. I hate it when adults say that a book is not appropriate simply because of the title or the cover. I hate it when adults say that a person must be bad just because they dress in the wrong color, or if they frown too much.

3. Popular 
Adults think that we make decisions based on what is popular at that moment. They think that this is stupid because when it goes out of style we'll just ditch it and have thus wasted their money. That is probably at some level, correct but also wrong. Let me explain, teenagers go with the flow, that's true, but we also enjoy the flow (okay that made me sound stupid). That means that sure, we might pick out things because they're mainstream, but not all the things we like are based on that - and the only reason that we would make mainstream choices is because at some level we like what is in the position of mainstream-ity (which is obviously not a word but has been used because it best describes what I'm talking about). 

4. Sarcasm and Disrespect Towards Teachers 
Teachers are probably one of the most under appreciated people in the whole world. They get 'disrespected' because they have exerted effort onto trying to get something through teenagers's computer-addled brains but that doesn't make them the good guys. I am fairly talkative in class and I admit that I usually don't listen to the teachers but I still learn something. That proves that we can absorb stuff into our brains by just half-listening. We don't disrespect teachers, we merely choose to not blindly follow people's instructions. And we get bored! Who doesn't get bored? Being forced to sit still and always, always, always keep their mouth shut, face the teacher, and not be able to eat until a scheduled time. Being in school makes me feel like my whole life is scheduled-and maybe it is! Teachers tend to dole out punishments like their life depended on it and teach about polygons like it's the solution to global warming and what kind of kid would be able to listen to that all day? In the future, I doubt that I'll be thanking my teachers for teaching me the 4 kinds of friction but maybe I'll be able to thank them for teaching me how to add or how to know whether a plant is poisonous or not.

When we become adults we will probably be the weirdest adults ever. Imagine telling your kid that when you were a kid, you used to watch a show with a purple dinosaur who you are sure is a pedo and another show with a Spanish girl who has a pet monkey, talks to her map, and asks questions to imaginary friends. We won't be perfect adults but hopefully we won't be like those close minded adults who think everything is black or white.

So, who else has these kind of issues with adults? Comment below! :)

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