My Experience in The Dark

8:32 PM

'Twas a day of darkness and a night of light... No, seriously. There was a brownout today and we didn't have internet, we couldn't shower in hot water, and we couldn't see all that much... It sucked.

It started when I woke up this morning, I went to the bathroom and opened the light, or at least I tried to but the light wouldn't open. I thought that the bulb was simply burned out so I went back to sleep and forgot all about it until my sister said that there was a brownout. We had to go to our grandmother's house in our pajamas because there was no water in our house. After showering, we went back home.

A cousin of mine came over to our house hoping that there would be wifi and hot water unfortunately though, there wasn't any. We ended up talking about life and stuff. After a while of complaining about the heat, my mother came in and suggested that we play basketball since we never do anything sporty, my sister and cousin disagreed and we were back to talking about life and terrorizing our 4- year- cousin but even that gets boring after a while. My sister finally fell asleep and my cousin and I started eating. A lot. My 5- year- old cousin (brother of the 4-year- old cousin) asked me to go and play basketball with him so I went out and bravely attempted to play basketball. I sucked, of course but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun! I went back into the house sweating and smelling like the foot of a person who has just ran a marathon and the worst part was that there was no water so I couldn't take a bath. That was already around 5 o'clock though so I only had to wait an hour and 53 minutes to freshen up and be able to see well enough to change clothes.

Though my experience in the dark was not really all that good, that doesn't mean that it produced no positive results. We stopped using our gadgets for a day (we wanted to preserve the battery) and became closer to one another as we bonded in the dark. I also played basketball which I never would have done if I wasn't trying so hard to preserve the battery of my precious, precious electronics. I also became thankful of the things I usually take for granted and I know that I will never forget my experience in the dark.

Things You Can Do During a Brownout:
1. Pretend to be a ghost hunter 
2. Count all the windows
3. See if you can fit in a closet during hide- and- go- seek
4. Try to find the gateway to Narnia 
5. Exercise 

Remember, brownouts are never boring, if you have the right companions and the right activities.

What are your experiences during brownouts? Comment below!

-Audrey :)

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