DIY Halloween Bracelets and Hair Bow

Bows and bracelets are actually the two things that I'm addicted to right now. Because Halloween is coming, I thought about making a DIY blog post on how to make bows and bracelets suited for Halloween. These are also simple ways to spice up whatever costume you are going to wear.  Now, I'm going to show you the steps to make one. :)

DIY bracelet

Materials needed are: 

1. Nylon strings
2. Scissors
3. Different designs and colors of beads 

Step 1: Measure your wrist with the string them cut. 

Step 2. Double tie one end of the string.

Step 3: Think of a pattern for your bracelet then one by one insert the beads.

Step 4: Double tie the other end then tie to lock. It is now a bracelet. 

DIY Hair Bow

Materials needed are:

1. Scissors
2. Fabric
3. Bobby pins/ hair clip/ alligator clips
4. Needle and thread that matches your fabric
5. Ruler
7. Sequence ( optional ) 

Step 1: Measure your fabric to be 9.5 by 7 inches, use your pencil to mark off your measurements.

Step 2: Cut your fabric at marked off spots. It doesn't need to be that straight because the ends will be hidden once the bow is done.

Step 3: Fold the fabric long ways, folding both ends in, making them overlap a little bit. 

Step 4: Now fold the outer ends in making them overlap like the last step.
Step 5: Flip over your fabric and pinch it to the middle to fold it into a bow. Play around with the fold until you are satisfied.

Step 6: Stitch the middle folds until it is secure. 

Step 7: After stitching, take a fabric scrap about the length of the bow for you center covering.
Fold it again like what you did with the large piece then wrap it in to sew.

Step 8: Slip a bobby pin in the back. You may also use other types of pins or clips but I only had a bobby pin so that's what I used. 

You may also add designs to your bow, just like what I did with mine :) 

Something that I learned while doing this is that you don't always need expensive and brand new things to make something look nice. The bow turned out pretty well despite the fact that we didn't spend much on it.

Thank you to Andrea Ellamil for helping me make the bracelet and bow. =)) 


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