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8:28 AM

Have I ever told anyone that I love love love Ariana Grande? It's actually pretty crazy that out of all celebrities out there, Ariana is the only one who I can say is my inspiration (big word guys). There was even a time that I chose Ariana to be the one who I should dress as and act like in class. That was a long time ago and the only song of Ariana's that I knew was Put Your Hearts Up, so I sang that one. Pretty embarassing really. 

Why do I love Ariana? Because she's adorable and simple and amazing in every way. She does whatever she wants and doesn't care about all those haters. Plus, she has the best vocals ever! 

She also wears the BEST clothes ever!

Enough of my fangirling, I'm just gonna go straight to the point. I was scrolling over my photo albums then I noticed that I have A LOT of Ariana Grande quotes, so why don't I share them to you? 


Those are my top 8 quotes from Ari. Hope you can relate and feel inspired too! :)

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2015 Reading Challenge
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