Countdown to 2k14: The Two Things I Don't Want To Be Around

12:25 PM

'Hey everyone! There's only 2 days left til the New Year, so I'll be dedicating this post to the 2 things I don't like being around.

Just to be clear, this post isn't about the things I hate. It's about what I don't want to be around, but not because I'm disgusted or anything. I'm probably not making sense right now so I'll just proceed to the list and hope you understand what I'm talking about better.

1. Clowns
I don't mean to offend any clowns or clown-lovers reading this. I'm also not judging clowns or anything, it's just that I don't like being around them. I find them kinda creepy. I guess I watch too much horror movies. I have never had a clown at any of my birthday parties and when I go to birthday parties with clowns, I stay as far away as I can from the clowns. I guess it's not just clowns, I also seem to dislike being around mascots, geishas (though I've never been around one), mimes, people with masks on... (I still don't mean to offend anyone). I think I just don't like being around strangers whose faces I can't see. I don't know if this is connected to something or what it says about me but all I know is that clowns and the other things I talked about make me want to get away from the room they are in.

2. Cockroaches

I'm not trying to be the typical girl here, talking about being 'scared' of cockroaches, I'm just saying that when I see a cockroach... I run. I guess this started when I found a cockroach in my shoe. I was so thankful that I wore socks when I realized there was a cockroach. They also look gross so that's another reason. 

I'm including these things in the countdown because when the year 2014 comes, I want to be able to work on not being too freaked out when a clown or cockroach comes near me.

Have a fear-free day!!
-Auds ;)

New Year Countdown: 2 days!!

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