The Christmas Series: My Love for Food and the 5 Second Rule

12:42 PM

Oh wait, what's that? You've never heard of the 5 second rule???


Well, there's no other way to explain the 5 second rule aside from painting a hypothetical scenario which I'm sure everyone has done, despite not knowing what the 5 second rule even is.

Because I know you all do it. *snickers*

Okay, so take a 5 second moment (see what I did there lol) right there to indulge yourself into the thoughts of your favorite food. It could be anything from spaghetti to macaroni to pizza to chicken to chips or fries. For me it will always be fries. 

Then imagine a plate full of that heaven sent food miraculously appearing in front of you. You lean in, sniff the appetizing oh-so-glorious smell in the air (it's close to the smell of victory), see the hot oily greasy temptation sensation beautiful obra maestra sitting in front of you, and now you feel your mouth water. Your hand shoots straight to the plate about to take a piece, and you're almost there, the piece of fries is about to make its first contact with your quivering mouth, when BAM! It slips right out of your lazy fingertips and falls to the floor.

You look left and right, up and down, as if checking if anyone is watching. And before you count to 5, you quickly pick it up and eat it.


Or proud?

Here's a little secret. (Well not a secret anymore obv)

I'm a guilty AND proud 5 second rule follower. 

Well, of course only when I'm in the vicinity of my own house. I'd never do that in public (oh wait actually I do... But only to the food that falls to the table NOT the floor, and every time I do it I make sure I do it quietly without being seen).

To those of you judging me for being such a gross pig, sure go on. I admit to being a gross pig. And I know it seems pretty disgusting of me to write a Christmas thanksgiving blog on the 5 second rule of eating dropped food, but that's just me.

And really, who cares if you've got a little bit of bacteria in your system? It's not that healthy to be so clean anyway, because your immune system would fail to build a resistance if you're too clean and lack exposure to bacteria.

At least that's what I've heard from people.... And Wikipedia. 

But then again this just a blog post, not a scholarly article so I can talk about any damn thing I want. Even about eating dropped food within 5 seconds. (Or it's up to you it could be 3 second or 7 seconds.. Just don't let it reach one minute, that's already disgusting and I may have to express concern about your health now. Little bacteria is okay, too much is nay)

So for whoever invented this rule, though it has been invalidated several times and there's been no substantial evidence that it actually works, I express my deepest gratitude for giving me an excuse to become such a pig - even if it's just sometimes.


And I'm still alive until now so I guess it says a lot.

I guess the whole point of this blog, is to be thankful of food. See, there is a point you see! I didn't just waste your 5 seconds I swear!

And sometimes you gotta suck it up and eat whatever's there, cause that's life. And eating dropped food is one step closer to becoming less picky about your food.

Just don't eat dropped food all the time. It's okay to do it SOMETIMES but not always.

Keep calm and eat! Enjoy life! :)

(Credits to Google for the pictures)

-K ;)

Christmas Countdown: 5 fucking days!!!!! ❤


Snowman: date today and the number of days done
B: Beryl
A: Audrey
K: Kimi
Santa Claus: Christmas!!

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