The Christmas Series: The Six Basic Expressions

9:10 PM

The six basic expressions are:

1. Happiness

2. Sadness

3. Surprise

4. Fear
5. Disgust

6. Anger

It's kinda obvious why I am thankful for these six basic emotions but I'm gonna explain anyway. These emotions are used everyday by everyone, and I know that there are a lot of other emotions, but I believe that these are the most well-known out of them all. Without these emotions, we would become infinitely robot-like and I'm pretty sure we don't need that (well most of us). 

These emotions are the root for a lot of other emotions and if we didn't have these emotions, would there be any other emotions? These emotions are all linked to one another, even the opposing emotions like happiness and sadness. To truly appreciate happiness, we must first feel the greatest sadness that we have known, and to truly understand sadness we need to feel the greatest happiness in this world. Anger leads to happiness and relief when all that anger has gone away.

I don't want to live in a world without these emotions. They are the reasons why we aren't machines (aside from being made of flesh and blood) and I hope that we can all learn to appreciate these emotions even the negative ones.

-AUDS :) :( :O

Christmas countdown: 6 days

 Snowman: date today and the number of days done
 B: Beryl
 A: Audrey
 K: Kimi
 Santa Claus: Christmas!!

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