The Christmas Series: The One

1:50 PM

Have you ever noticed that when you look too hard for something, you don't seem to get any closer to finding it? But when you relax, you'll find it in the place it was supposed to be in? I guess that's the same with looking for your "the one". They'll just appear in the right place at the right time.

They'll come when you least expect it. You might find them at a parking lot or an antique shop. It could happen when your  8, 18, or even 80. The one could be anywhere anytime.  "the one" isn't like a fairytale where everything will just fit perfectly like a glove. There will be challenges but it doesn't mean it won't be magical too. 

You won't know right away who "the one" is, and not all of us get to find out who the one is. For me, "the one" is the person who will love you unconditionally, the person who won't mind if you pick your nose, the person who you can't seem to get mad at because they make you laugh every single time, the person who will plan your birthday celebration and make every year bigger and better, the person who will take you to a candlelit dinner in the woods - "the one" may not be the person you marry but they will be the person who will make your heart flutter and give you that mushy feeling inside.

Not everyone gets to keep "the one" and sometimes you have to let go. You're very lucky if you get to keep "the one" forever. 

"If it's meant to be, it will be." 

Right? :) 

There's only one day left til Christmas, and it seems only fitting that I dedicate this last thanksgiving blog post to the future - "the one". I haven't met that person yet but thinking of that person gives me hope. And isn't that what Christmas is about? Hope.

Christmas Countdown: 1 more day! 
Happy Christmas Eve! =) 

Legend: Snowman- Mark of the day and days done
           : Santa: Christmas!! 


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