Remember that time Robin Thicke got nominated in the Grammy's?

10:41 AM

I know. I'm as flabbergasted as you are.

I don't usually rant about things and try to avoid ranting as much as possible -basically because I find myself so mad I get full on rage mode and people stop listening to me and/or I lose friends. Not exactly ideal.

But in light of recent circumstances I think this calls for an official rant and complaint to the people who decide on the Grammy nominations.

I have serious reservations about the other nominees and the worst Grammy snubs, but there is one teeny tiny fact that I can't overlook and it's that ROBIN THICKE got nominated for not one not two but THREE FUCKING GRAMMY'S! How is it possible that a man who sings about "domesticating" a woman and spends most of the song whispering "I know you want it" to a woman as he begs her to let him put something "big enough that will tear your ass into two" (and not to mention the army of nude girls parading around him like dogs), gets nominated for the fucking Grammy's the most prestigious awards show in music?! Oh and It's not even the issue that the girls are naked in the video, it's that they are presented like objects and drones and look like they are so bored with it as they follow Robin Thicke around like puppies.

Now I told myself I wouldn't talk about the most controversial VMA's performance of 2013 again but it can't be helped. After Miley and Robin's sexual and provocative performance, Miley was the subject of extreme backlash for what she did and Robin was left unscathed, even if we all know that it takes two to tango. And now with the Grammys season, Miley got robbed with zero nominations even if her music is fucking number one everywhere. On the other hand good ol' Robin the misogynsitc douchebag who sang one rapey song and isn't even ashamed of it is lauded for his actions?! Am I not the only one who is extremely violated by Robin Thicke? Imagine all those rape victims who have listened or will listen to this song on the radio or at some point of their lives and they're gona be so fucked up because it's time to realize that we live in a society where men who think that degrading people is cool and that "I know you want it" is an acceptable argument or rational to force people (not just women!) into bed when it's not, are praised and lauded and rewarded for their belief system. I am so tired of this blatant sexism and double standard in society, it's sickening and disgusting esp when these chauvinist pigs promote such ideals and are given the pat on the back and told "good job" I can't even omg

So screw you Robin you might have the people behind the Grammy noms in yor hands but you aint getting my vote or my respect

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