Valentine's Feature: Lists & Stories - Top 5 OTPs (2)

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Hey everyone! Welcome to our 2nd post in the Valentine's Feature: List & Stories! For today's post we will be talking about our.... *drumroll* OTPs!

For those who do not know what OTP means, it's short for: one true pairing. It's a couple that you ship no matter what happens, with all your life and your feels, and you don't even care if they're not canon. You will stand by this ship until it goes down (it won't because you won't let it!!!!!) and you just burst with too much feels: can be sadness happiness or just creys and tears. 

So we have a lot of couples on our list (from books, series and movies!) but decided to narrow it down to this!

WARNING: there will be spoilers!

Beryl and Audrey's Top OTPs

1. Rose and The Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who

They are just so good together! We loved the time that these two spent with each other and the way they interact. Though we knew that the too would never actually be together (at least not in parallel world), we couldn't stop ourselves from rooting for them from the very start. And when they were separated... It was just...*breaks down crying*

2. Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter

At first, we thought that Hermione would end up with Harry which is why it came as a shock when Hermione started dating Ron. We soon realized that they are a perfect match probably more perfect than a Harry-Hermione couple would be. Ron has always lifted our spirits whenever the events in the movie got too intense and Hermione is so smart that it's hard to think that she doesn't have all the answers in the world. They are different from each other yet they make such an amazing couple.

3. Barney and Robin from How I Met Your Mother

They are great together. At first, of course, we thought that Robin would end up with Ted but soon realized that she would end up with Barney. From the moment they started dating, we knew that they would be perfect for each other because of how they understood each other.

4. Rachel and Ross from Friends

They have very different interests which is why it would seem like they would make a terrible couple. In truth, they are good together because they balance each other out. They are a very cute couple who have their occasional argument just likea normal couple would. We guess it's true what they say about how opposites attract!

5. Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games

These two are so cute together. Even in real life, we are rooting for them though we don't actually think it'll happen. They have perfect chemistry. We love it when a Katniss and Peeta scene appears because they are just amazing. We love how, even though Katnissa and Peeta are not very much alike, they still form a perfect couple. They aren't opposites but they aren't really the same which we love too. They complement each other. Everything about them as a couple is just perfect and we can't get enough of them.

Kimi's Valentine Story
Not exactly sure if I can count this as a Valentine story because it was quite a spooky experience for me. Today's the day before Valentine's Day and I had a paranormal-ish encounter at the school CR. I went inside to the empty bathroom, did normal stuff, looked at the mirror and fixed my hair, then entered one of the cubicles to pee. When I got out, I was washing my hands, when I noticed a single piece of rose. I swear, that was not there when I first got in the comfort room and I didn't really hear anyone come in while I was inside the cubicle. It freaked me out and I left the toilet as soon as possible. Was a ghost trying to reach out to me? *shivers*

Have you had any creepy valentines experiences too? How's your Valentines so far? What are your OTPs? Do you love the couples above too? Who are your favorite couples? Leave a comment! :)

Stay tuned for our 3rd and last post tomorrow! We promise it will definitely be something bookish! ;)

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  1. Amy Pond and Rory Williams will 5ever be my Doctor Who OTP!


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