Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons Why We Love to be a Blogger/Reader

8:22 PM

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish

Our topic for this week is the reasons why we love being a blogger or a reader. We think that this is a great opportunity for us to show how great blogging is.

1. Community

We just love the book blogging community because everyone is just so friendly! When we started book blogging (which was just about over a month ago) we honestly had no idea what we were doing (we still don't really, but we've gotten better at pretending that we do lol) and it was easier when we found out that there were book bloggers out there who are willing to help you with anything. We really wouldn't be where we are without the wonderful community of bookish people. We've connected with a couple of bloggers on Twitter and they are seriously the best people ever. Plus, there are great book blog events (like the Love-A-Thon) to participate in, and you get to interact with so many awesome people. 

2. Free books
We had no idea what ARCs even were when we first created this blog. When we started to get review requests and discovered Netgalley and Edelweiss, we just got so excited and crazy at all the free books that we ended up with a giant to-review pile. Whew, at least now we've learned to control ourselves more. Anyway, free books are one of the perks in book blogging, but it's not all about free books of course! Even without free books, we'd definitely still review books (anything that we do own or buy). 

3. Writing skills
Because really, why is it so fun to write reviews but such a pain to do school papers? Admit it, book blogging can be pretty tiring and time consuming, but we're all doing it anyway because we want to - and without realizing it, we're actually improving our writing skills. We never think of book blogging as homework though because that just takes the fun out of it, but unconsciously just writing a blog post everyday is already doing wonders to our abilities in writing.

4. Fun
It's just so much fun! Does this reason count? Of course it does! Whether it's a hobby, a passion, a talent or all three, book blogging and reading is just so much fun - if not  then why would we still do it? We just hope that book blogging and reading never ever starts to feel like a chore or work.

5. Something to do when you're bored
There are a lot of times during the summer vacation or during a school day that we get really bored. We think that blogging is a much healthier thing to do during those times than just sitting around, eating, and watching TV all day. At least when we blog, we can remain active.

6. Author interactions
Because of book blogging, we were able to interact with a lot of authors, and some we've actually become good friends with! There are a lot of friendly and nice authors out there who are so fun to talk to - you can go stalk them on Twitter and they'll be sure to respond! 

7. Adventure
With blogging, we feel like we're on a new adventure everyday. Because of blogging, we have learned a lot of new things. Also, as book bloggers, every read takes us into a new adventure. Each book we read, we act as if we are part of the book and feel what the characters are also feeling.

8. Experience
How many people out there have blogs? Compared to everyone in the world, the book blogging community is kinda small. Knowing that you are part of that small community just brings a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart. The experience of owning a blog is also great since you have tried new things and know more.

9. Bragging Rights
You'll be able to say that yes, I own a blog and yes, I'm proud of it. All that work will pay off. All that effort that you have put into blogging will be worth it because you will have the privilege to truthfully say that you own a blog.

10. Procrastinating 
Whenever we want to put off studying or doing our chores, we blog or read. It's great because we won't just be sitting there thinking about what we should be doing. We will be able to forget about what we were supposed to do by blogging or reading and then after, we can start studying or doing chores. It probably sounds terrible that we're using blogging and reading as an excuse to not do something that we should do but it is one of the reasons why we love the two.

What's your Top Ten Tuesday? What did you think about ours?

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  1. yes to author interactions and bragging rights-- I'm totally with you!

  2. You guys are so adorable! What a fun list! If I had a blog when I was in school I totally would have used it as an excuse/reason to put off homework! Great Job!

    Kristalyn @ The Sarcastic Palmtree

  3. Those are really awesome points! I totally agree with you :D

    My Top Ten this week!

  4. I have to agree about being bored. I am NEVER bored with the blog. If I am bored I just think about what I need to do on my blog. Ways to make it better or books I need to read. I also didn't think about my writing skills till I saw other posts, but that's true. My first blog posts are so bad compared to the ones I do now!! LOL!


  5. I agree with everything you said!

    PS. The new theme is amazing! Elite minima, am I right? I think I used to have it... it's amazing! xo

  6. Love number 10 - so true! - though I'm not sure it's a benefit to being a blogger;-) But there are worse procrastination vehicles! Y'all seem like you're having a blast so write on!

  7. Great list! I completely agree with everything you've listed here...especially on how book blogging just has such a wonderful community, and the friends you make because of it are just amazing!

    Thanks for sharing! :D

    ~Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

  8. I love this ttt and seeing everyone's reasons for being a reader and blogger.
    Awesome list <3

    Here's our TTT
    Doris @ OABR

  9. This is a fantastic list. If blogging wasn't fun, I wouldn't do it.

  10. Haha yes to reading as a procrastination thing. I'll always pick up my current read if there's something else I don't want to do. Then I'll always tell myself just one more chapter! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following :)

  11. A lot of people put community as number one, which is great. Good points about bragging rights and procrastinating!

  12. I agree with this post so much! :D I especially loved meeting other book bloggers and authors. :)

  13. Hey Girls, I love this blog! I nominated it for the Liebster Blog Award!!! Are you up for the challenge? ;)

    Check it out:


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