Book Blogger Love-a-Thon// Mini Challenge #1: Book Spine Poetry

12:50 PM

The first mini challenge in the Love-a-Thon is to make poetry out of book titles. Oh this is such a fun challenge and we had a great time coming up with our post! :) We got a bit late into this loveathon thing but we all think this is an awesome idea, so we're posting this anyway! Here it is!

One day,
If you find me,
Across the universe, Under the never sky, 
Across a star swept sea,
Save me.

What is your book spine poetry? What did you think about ours?

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  1. Ahhhh this is absolutely perfect! I've never seen such beautiful book spine poetry. Now I'm gong to check out the book spine poetry from the Love-A-thon!

  2. I am in love with any and all book spine poetry, and I love your poem, especially all the different distances you used with across the universe, under the never sky, and across a star-swept sea. They're such beautiful titles :)

  3. Wow, this is a really good poem! I love how it feels, all hopeful and dreamlike.


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