Kimi's Potter Experience: Week 2

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Subject: ELECLIT (Elective for Literature)
Time & Date: Mondays & Wednesdays, starting January 7 til April 2015
Kimi's Potter Experience Blog posts: Every Thursday until the class ends

Hey guys! Welcome to a new feature on our blog, Kimi's Potter Experience! I am currently enrolled in a Rowling Literature Elective (ELECLIT) this term, and this is where I will be chronicling my class experience on this blog every Thursday of the week.



Hi everyone! It's Week 2 of my Potter experience! This week, we had our Sorting. And I'm glad to announce that I'm a.....



And even better? I MADE PREFECT!!!!! I don't know how Professor chose the prefects but I sure am excited to be one! 

As Gryffindor Prefect, my responsibilities are the following:

-Keep track of the House points
-Inspire my Housemates
-Badger everyone about reading the required books
-Remind everyone to bring the required books and wear uniforms every class time
-Pressure everyone to earn house points (because we seriously HAVE to win the House Cup)
-Keep a directory for group projects

That's basically everything I have to do! It sounds like a really really challenging job, but I'm up for it because at this point I'll do anything for this class, literally anything.


After the sorting, and doing the seating arrangements, Professor went on to our first lecture. I'll just do a short run-through with what we talked about. The first was about The Nature of Fantasy. We had some discussion on how fantasy is the creation of secondary worlds, a universe that is different from ours, not as a result of science or technology, but as a result of magic. Science fiction on the other hand, is one that relies heavily on advanced technology.

A question to ponder on: Isn't magic just science/technology we have yet to discover?

Omnioculars - advanced type of binoculars?
Howlers - voicemail?
Moving portaits - film? photographs?
Potions subject - chemistry?
Arithmency subject - calculus?
Herbology - botany?
Transfiguration - matter converter?

And then we talked about the Appeal of Fantasy:
(this is according to J.RR. Tolkien's "On Fairy Stories")

1. Recovery
- a renewal
- We relate to these stories and they remind us how to be human

2. Escape
- We like escaping to a new world
-"the escape of the prisoner" (positive meaning) vs. "the flight of the deserter" (negative meaning

3. Consolation
- to provide solace in a world of hunger, thirst, poverty, pain, sorrow, injustice, death

A question to ponder on: Which one is YOUR reason for reading Fantasy?

I do not read much fantasy books, mostly because Harry Potter has set that standard a LONG time ago for me, and I can't seem to read anything without comparing it to HP. Well, not comparing it DIRECTLY to HP, but somehow I find that I am much more critical of the world building, the writing, the plot development, the characters and various other aspects when it comes to fantasy, because Rowling's septology was just beyond epic. (But I do take recommendations, so if you have any fantasy books you want me to read, please tell me! :) )

Personally, I read Fantasy for Escape, mostly because I seem to find this world a bit dull sometimes and I just want to pretend I'm part of something more exciting. But the other reasons also make sense to me and I can apply them to myself as well, because I seem to find consolation in reading fantasy (well books in general actually) and I can identify with the characters of what I read, a lot. They remind me so much of myself, and like what was mentioned above, how to be human - vulnerable, afraid, but also wanting to do things right and leave a mark in this world. 

Anyway, that was mostly what we talked about this week. We only had one meeting since yesterday classes got cancelled because of the Papal Visit (WELCOME TO THE PHILIPPINES, POPE FRANCIS!!!)


It's time for me to talk about our uniforms! I found an online shop that sells robes, so I will be ordering from them for sure. I also already have a wand, so I could bring that with me as well, though what to do with it aside from pretending I have magic and displaying it around, I have no idea. For the rest of my uniform, I'm still gathering these stuff:

-A plain white button-up shirt
-A dark gray knitted v-neck sweater, a cardigan or a sleeveless sweater vest
-A skirt around knee-length
-Black tights or stockings (with skirt)
-Black shoes
-Dark gray socks
-Necktie with house colors (red and gold)

-Optional: Prefect badge (HAHA)

I have no idea where I'm getting the necktie or the prefect badge yet, but hopefully I could prepare all these things before the weekend ends. Now, I'm off to re-read all 7 books, and then re-watch all 7 movies! I'll be preparing a box of tissues as I'm pretty sure there will be a lot of waterworks going around. Ha.


I just discovered this book blog meme and it also falls on Thursdays where I post about my Potter experience! Just thought I'd participate in it as well because it sounds pretty fun!

Scariest Moment of the Series
Okay, this isn't really scary, but it was for 10 year-old me!

When Harry Potter goes to the Forbidden Forest in The Sorcerer's Stone for detention, along with Malfoy, Hermione, Neville, Hagrid and the rest of the gang, they find a unicorn dead and then run into a centaur, and other creepy things happen. I still get shivers when I remember that chapter. 

I hope you liked this post and found a bit of the lecture part helpful! Do you guys want me to go into even more detail with the lecture part next time? Or would you rather do without it? Oh, and I'd love to know your answers to the following:

Is magic just science/technology we have yet to discover?
What is YOUR reason for reading Fantasy?
Who is YOUR favorite Harry Potter character? 
What House would YOU have been sorted into? (BE HONEST!)

That's all for today, see you guys again next week!

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  1. I think I was a little to old for this one to scare me (I didn't get started on HP until I was over 16-years-old) but I can absolutely see how this part would scare someone who's 10! And I'm still not that comfortable when he first sees Quirrel/Voldemort drinking the unicorn blood. Cool pick!

    My HP MOTW

  2. Spiders.... was mine... I just.... nope..... I can't stand spiders or snakes! Great pick though..... I didn't think of that one! Nice blog, love the color them!

  3. This is beyond amazing! I hadn't thought about magic as technology we hadn't discovered yet - MIND BLOWN.

    My favorite characters are Snape, the Weasley Twins, and Luna.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I agree with you because this was one of the earlier scary moments, and we had no idea what the Forbidden Forest held. The kids were freaked out, and we didn't know what was killing the unicorns so it was really creepy. Excellent choice! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  5. Congrats for getting sorted into Gryffindor and for being a Prefect! and i hope you post a photo of yourself wearing your Hogwarts prescribed uniform and with your classmates too!!! i wanna share it to my Potterheads friends. Sadly i cannot consider myself a Potterhead but i do enjoy this series a lot :)
    I am a big fan of fantasy that i've read quite a number of them over the years. I am always attracted to books that has a strong female lead in them...and so it goes to say that Hermione really grew into me as the books progresses and one of my fave characters has to be the Weasley Twins...such a a fun and riot duo. i know you hated being sorted into Hufflepuff...but i'd probably be sorted into that house LOL! i am not sneaky enough, nor brave and courageous enough, nor smart and brainy enough to make it into the other houses. But a lot of my friends said that i'm loyal and generous :)

  6. Omgsh, this is so awesome!! This is like the coolest thing I've ever heard!! Congrats on Gryffindor and Prefect! I always seem to get Hufflepuff when I do online sorting quizzes. Haha! This is seriously so cool!


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