Holiday Blogger Highlight: Jessica @ A GREAT Read

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Hi everyone! Are you guys feeling the Christmas spirit? Honestly, for some reason, this year we haven't been feeling that merry or Christmas-y, maybe it's because we've been too caught up with other things that time has sped up and suddenly it's Christmas Eve already without us noticing! Well, to keep the Christmas spirit alive, we've decided to do this little feature in our blog, where we'll interview and highlight fellow bloggers and ask them what they're up to this holiday season. 

For our first Holiday Blogger Highlight 2015, we've got Jessica from A GREAT Read!

1. Do you have any holiday traditions?
Well with my family one gift we can all expect is socks! It's something my grandma used to do for all of us. So it's stuck with us even after she passed away.
Other is one I do for my older sister. I always double box and double wrap her gift because she hates opening presents.

What's your favorite thing about the Christmas season?
I just love Christmas in general. I love surprising my family with gifts. I love looking at Christmas lights on all the houses. And Christmas cookies are good too! Though not for my waistline! Lol.

Do you have any book recommendations that are great for the holiday season?
Hmm...that's a bit harder as I rarely read holiday themed reads at the right time! One anthology that I read some years ago was Holidays are Hell. It had some novellas by Kim Harrison, Marjorie M. Liu, Lynsay Sands, & Vicki Pettersson! Another anthology was Wolfsbane & Mistletoe. Those were a bit shorter stories as there were a lot of authors in that one!

What is your favorite Christmas treat?
Favorite Christmas treat is definitely cookies! Some of them we only make at Christmas time. Like frosted sugar cookies, gooey butter cookies, peanut blossoms! Yum!

Do you prefer the cold weather or the warm weather?
Definitely the cold! I'm a winter baby. Sorta. So I prefer colder weather. Though St. Louis has crazy weather. Right now it's raining & on Christmas we'll be in the 50s which isn't normal for us.

6. W
hat's your new year's resolution?
I think one of them will definitely be to figure out some self-publishing for my book. Right now I submitted it to a publisher & am still waiting for a response. After that I will figure out what to do!

Share a picture of your go to outfit this season.

8. Have you decorated for Christmas? If so, please attach a picture. If you haven't, is there any design that you find attractive?

Movie recommendations?

As some of my blog followers might know my favorite Christmas movies are A Christmas Story and then a more recent favorite Elf! And omg that movie is already over 10 years old! Where has the time gone!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to be up on our blog! We're glad to have you for our first Holiday Blogger Highlight. If you guys still haven't, check out Jessica at the links above.

Stay tuned for our next HBH 2015! :)

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