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We've been blogging for quite a while now and have received a fair amount of comments. We wanted to show you guys how much we appreciate your comments. We decided that the best way to show our appreciation is to compile some of the comments on this post. If we could, we would put all the comments here but unfortunately, we can't because it will be a really long list, and you might end up sleeping. We really love it when you guys comment on our blog posts.

I feel that you got the "wibbly wobbly" part from Doctor Who..? haha, I love Doctor Who, I've been obsessing over it. The book looks so interesting! i might want to read it soon.
Jillian @  Jillian's Books 

I think I might go blind from the beauty of all these covers 0 haha! ;) Just kidding, but goodness! They're all so amazing! Anyway, thank you so much for sharing and fabulous choices! <3
~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

I guess I'm more like Audrey, lol. I'm more of a sleep, eat, read, blog, repeat kind of girl. ;) I've never watched Doctor Who, though... D:
Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

I love this review! Torn Away was actually my first book by Jennifer Brown, and I was so impressed with it. I agree that it was an emotional roller-coaster. I don't cry when reading very often, but Jersey's story here had me sobbing like crazy. I loved how easily Brown manages to put me in the main characters shoes, even though I've never personally experienced a natural disaster of any kind before. I'm glad you were impressed, too! :)
Sam @ Realm of Fiction

I totally agree with the "no explanation needed". Like DUH, if anyone hasn't read Perkin's book, their totally missing a lot in their loves lol
Ella @ The Filipina Booknote

 Love music recs! (Because I'm old and loose touch with new music.) I'm going to totally show my age here, but Mika sounds a lot like Freddie Mercury to me, which is a great thing.

I've read it! Heh heh. I had mixed feelings about it. Some of the stories really stood out and shone.. whereas others were just plain. Overall, I felt like the book was confused as to who its target readership was. Some stories were much much darker than others. I LOVED 'Thinner Than Water'. Great review! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on it very much :D

AHHH I seriously hate the door thing too, Kimi!!! And hairy worms? ICK! Beryl, MASHED POTATOES ARE THE BOMB!!!! Audrey, the fork scrapping across a plate...ugh! I'm cringing just thinking about that awful noise!!! <3 you all! Hope you have a fab week!!!!!! :
 Becca Fowler @ Pivot Book Reviews

Snazzy lobster. XD I admire your philosophy about making sure to highlight the good parts of a book. Thanks for stopping by Words Create Scenes! I just followed back with GFC.

lol, I love how people can get so scared of a little girl just cause they think she's a ghost. haha. Hope you're having a good weekend! Old follower.
Pam @ Moonlight Reader

Never thought about swimming in OJ before... What idea! ;) I don't like gravy on my potatoes, either. And old movies and musicals are great! :) Slept in this morning, actually... I was like, "Yay!" But Lovemuffin was like, "Shoot!" (He feels like he's wasting the morning.) Love reading about you guys! <3 Have a blessed week!
Jessica L. Brooks

 I think Beryl is my lost long twin. Orange juice is the best thinkg ever, and I hated books before, too. But I'm a master of winking. ;) Oh, and I don't like singing in the shower. I never do that. So yeah, looks like not EVERYONE is into it. Great post! :D

Kimi - you've read 3 books last week?! Wow! That is truly amazing. I'm currently reading A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) by George R. R. Martin. Best book ever! Not even joking, I think this might be my new favorite book of all time...
Ooh nice confessions! Gotta admit I love the smell of new books too. Definitely not much of a classic reader, which definitely made me the odd man out being an English major. I love reading...just not classics. Although during the school years, I did finally find ONE classic that I oh so loved--not Dracula, that doesn't count because I loved that one too!--it was The Count of Monte Cristo. Not sure why I was so drawn to it. Totally weird, but it is what it is. And dog-eared book pages?! *Gasps* That's like sacrilegious or something! Like dog-earing the Bible or other religious texts. It's simply NOT done! If I loan books, I make that VERY clear to my friends or family members. Will even offer to loan them a bookmark as well. *shuddering at the thought of dog-eared pages* That's the stuff of horror know for bibliophiles! Here's my Tuesday post Have a GREAT day! Old Follower :)
Jessica @ a GREAT read


My mantra for the new year: Chazz Michael Michaels IS firgure-skating!
Chazz Michael Michake
Surprise, bitch, thought you'd seen the last of me. * emma roberts twirl*
Macklemore (as if)

For my new year's resolution i want to peel off your skin and wear it to my birthday
Napoleon Dynamite

My new year's resolution is to someday eliminate back hair.
Wow new years. Much balls. So celebrate. 

No one kissed me on new years. Only tears as they ran down my face and into my boobs.
All we have to say is that we love your comments. Most of the spam comments were about Blades of Glory. If you like comedy movies and are not easily offended, we have to tell you that you have to watch this. We may not reply to all of the comments but we still appreciate them. Like a lot. When we read your comments, it keeps us motivated. Also, we love you, Anonymous. And you other comment-ers out there as well.

Comment below the most random things that has ever come to your mind or just anything you want to share, or we will hunt you down just like the Winchesters. KIDDING. NOT. 



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  1. OMG, those spam comments! Lol.
    And so many lovely comments, too! :)

  2. HAHAHAHAHA. Those spam comments are hilarious, girls. Thanks for sharing my comment. ^_^


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