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Since there's all this hype on TFIOS, we wanted to talk about Augustus' character. We are going to talk about Augutus in the form of a conversation wherein we all give our opinions about him. It's kind of like a character review or something. It's even our first time to do this! Please note that these are all our opinions, and we aren't trying to make you think of Augustus that way too. We are all entitled to our opinions. We don't mean to offend anyone. :) 
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A: Okay let's start. Who wants to go first? 

B: So, Kimi what are your top of the head thoughts on Augustus? 

K: When I first read TFIOS, I thought Augustus was a funny fella who sounded so poetic and had his way with words. I never really swooned over him or anything, though I'd be lying if I said his death didn't affect me. He had a bunch of nice quotable quotes but other than that I never really found him all that special. What ruined everything though is when I saw the first official trailer of TFIOS. Is it just me or does Augustus sound like an asshole?

A: I think so too. Does that make me a bad person??

K: I then realized that how Augustus talked was so unreal - it was too flowery and inorganic and just, not at all the way anyone I know talks (or maybe I just don't know much people like Augustus). 

A: Hahahahaha I think that the dialogue in the book just doesn't sound good when actually being spoken, it makes then sound a bit pretentious. I agree when you said that their speech was unreal. I, too, don't know anyone who speaks like that except for me on a sugar rush.

B: I think both of you said what is exactly in my mind right now. LOL. Even so, I cannot say that I hate him. I believe that their dialogue worked for the story and made it more beautiful. I think that is what John Green is aiming to do. 

A: Well, if that was what John Green wanted to show us, it certainly worked. Countless people out there have probabaly fallen in love with Augustus Waters and who can blame them? He's just charming in every way. I think that the way he talked was a major factor in his desirability. I definitely liked him as a character when I read TFIOS.

B: Every girl out there surely dreams about their perfect guy. I guess that's what they saw in Augustus. 

K: I don't buy it. Haha I feel like a party pooper but am I the only one who doesn't like Augustus that much? I mean really, he's okay but idk I just feel like there's so many other special guys from YA out there. I don't understand why people go crazy over him. Come on how can you take him seriously with all his metaphors? I feel bad that he has cancer, but I don't know maybe I just... Find him putting the cigarette but not lighting it metaphor so offensive and pretentious. 

A: TBH, I hated his cigarette metaphor. I thought that it was quite a stupid thing to do.

B: For me, I liked Augustus, but it's just like what Kimi said, there are so much more special guys from YA that I love more than him. Guys which I can feel their sincerity. 

K: Yeah, glad you agree with me. I read somewhere that this flowery and charming Augustus is just an act or something to hide his true self. So what does he do, prepare the things he wants to say to Hazel Grace the night before and look up deep words and synonyms to sound oh so poetic? 

A: I admittedly don't consider Augustus to be a good book boyfriend. There are so many other guys in other books that stand out much more to me.

K: Yeah, I could name a few but that's a whole other discussion! Haha. Oh plus, Augustus is an awful name.

B: His surname is also a not so nice one. Sorry not sorry. Hahaha. 

A: Hahahahaha I know right!

A: It was like the name was handpicked to suit his 'deep,meaningful, and perfect' character.

B: It's unique, but nope. It's not the beautiful kind of unique. 

K: Yeah, he isn't all that natural to me. I want someone real. I mean no one ever talks like him in real life right?

B: Yepp! never heard of one.

B: I dont think someone could be that poetic all the time. I mean they usually search up or think of some words before they meet someone to impress them.

K: I guess the reason why people like him so much is because he's too charming and sensitive and witty and all. But I guess I just don't like that? I'm much more fond of guys who are real and someone I could relate to

K: Wow! That sounds pretty douchey now that you say it Beryl. 

B: If I were a chatacter in TFIOS, I would surely swoon over him. That's how the characters were written and in that world, Augustus is swoon worthy. BUT, in this world NOPE, he would probably come off as a pretentious douche. Pardon my french. Ha! 

A: While Augustus was a sensitive and charming character he failed to be realistic in any way.

K: So I guess overall, Augustus is not bad, he's okay and I don't dislike him but I don't like him that much either. Yes he failed terribly. 

K: "My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations"

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Let us know your thoughts on Augustus by leaving a comment! :) 

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  1. "While Augustus was a sensitive and charming character he failed to be realistic in any way." Yes!!!! That's exactly how I felt about him! But whatever, at least he gave Hazel Grace the happiness that no one else could give her. Can't say I wasn't affected by his death though!

    1. Yeah I think we'd all be lying if we said we weren't affected by his death!
      Thanks for dropping by Gail! :)


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