Interviewing Gail: Week 2

3:50 PM

It's already week 2 of our little feature! If you are new to our blog, we basically interviewed different bloggers, so that you, yes you who are reading this right now can get to know them, while we get to know them too. For this week's featured blogger.. *drum roll sound* IT'S...

1. Share your favorite joke or chat-up line.
"Do you know what this shirt is made of? Boyfriend material." HAHA I just think it's so witty and cheesy.

2. Most embarrassing moment?

OH GOD I HAVE PLENTY. Um, I guess it was during my reading of honors in grade school. We were getting ready to have our picture taken when the photographer yelled, "WACKY POSE!" so I did my own thing. I remained in that position, not knowing he already took the "serious" photo. I was the only one doing the wacky pose while everyone looked so regal. I burned that photo soon after.

3. Zodiac sign?


4. Most daring thing you've ever done?
I guess my life's been pretty safe and boring. Does bathing and feeding an angry monkey count as daring?

5. If you were about to be dropped in a pit of lava, what would you
choose as your last words?

6. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender

7. When you were a kid, what was the thing that was understood by
everyone but misinterpreted by you? (Example: ______ used to wonder
why people said that there was 0% interest. She means why would anyone
buy it if it wasn't even the slightest bit interesting?)

Sales confused me a lot. I used to think 70% SALE meant you would pay only 70% of the price. So I got confused when people were happier when the sale was 50% instead of 20%.

8. Who is your favorite blogger?
The Bloggess. I recently found her blog. I think she's awesome.

9. Future plans?
My dream is to get published. I've always loved making up stories and getting to share them with the world would be just wonderful.

10. Animal that you would own as a pet? (Birds, cats, dogs, fishes,
bunnies, and guinea pigs not allowed)
Starfish. They're so cute in their own weird way.

11. Do you believe ants are nutritious?
I had to Google this and it says ants are high in protein but I still would not eat ants. 

12. Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars!

13. Favorite superhero?
Iron Man

14. Favorite super villain?
The Joker

15. Name one thing you love about yourself?
My imagination.

16. TBH…
TBH I'm afraid of the future.

17. What is your favorite shirt/dress/pants/jacket/hoodie/any piece of
clothing? Attach a picture.

I love this hoodie so much. I bring it with me whenever I travel, and just having it gives me comfort. 

18. Word that best describes you?

19. Favorite app?

20. What food do you crave right now? Attach a picture.

21. What's the thing you can't live without?

22. What's your happy place?
I'm in my "happy place"whenever I get this sudden burst of creativity and determination, like I just wanna write everything, not caring if it's written perfectly. But I'm most happy when I'm left alone with my thoughts.

23. You just murdered someone. How would you dispose of their body?
(Examples: throw it in the ocean, bury it, dissolve it Breaking Bad
style) We're just curious, promise. :)

I would set it on fire.

24. Attach a selfie!

25. Links on where to find you? 
Twitter:      Blogger:

Don't forget to follow her twitter and her blog! Trust me, it's awesome. :)

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