Holiday Blogger Highlight 2015: Sarah Clare @ Behind On Books

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Hi everyone! Are you guys feeling the Christmas spirit? Honestly, for some reason, this year we haven't been feeling that merry or Christmas-y, maybe it's because we've been too caught up with other things that time has sped up and suddenly it's Christmas Eve already without us noticing! Well, to keep the Christmas spirit alive, we've decided to do this little feature in our blog, where we'll interview and highlight fellow bloggers and ask them what they're up to this holiday season. 

For our second Holiday Blogger Highlight 2015, we've got Sarah Clare from Behind on Books!

1. Do you have any holiday traditions?
I make a point of watching A Muppet's Christmas Carol every year.
2. What's your favorite thing about the Christmas season?
When people gp crazy decorating their houses with lights. I love staring at the twinkly bonkers neon!
3. Do you have any book recommendations that are great for the holiday season?
My True Love Gave to Me ed. Stephanie Perkins is the best (if not obvious) choice. But I also think it's fun to revisit the Christmas scenes in Harry Potter too.

What is your favorite Christmas treat?
Gingerbread!! *nom nom nom* 
5. Do you prefer the cold weather or the warm weather?
Both! I love reading in the sun.. but I also love getting toasty by the fire.
6. What's your new year's resolution?
To finally read The Hunger Games! 
7. Share a picture of your go to outfit this season.

8. Have you decorated for Christmas? If so, please attach a picture. If you haven't, is there any design that you find attractive?

9. Movie recommendations?

Muppet's Christmas Carol! But also Love Actually and The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Share your social media links, etc. (Blog, Twitter, Instagram, etc)

Twitter- @BehindOnBooks  
Instagram - @behindonbooks

Thank you so much for taking the time to be up on our blog, Sarah! We're glad to have you for our second Holiday Blogger Highlight. If you guys still haven't, check out Sarah at the links above.

Stay tuned for our next HBH 2015! :)

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