Interviewing Alexa Santiago: Week 7

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Before anything else, we're really really sorry for not posting anything new. As you may or may not know, we've been busy with school and other activities. Have you ever felt so drained that you would just want to lie down, sleep and eat? Since June started our weekdays and even weekends have been so hectic. There are times when I even forget to email the next featured blogger, and I'd just remember on the exact day when the post should be up. We know we're not putting too much effort on our blog anymore, but as long as we have more freetime, blogging will be our priority. 

We're really sorryyyy, but we hope you enjoy this week's featured blogger! Meet Alexa Santiago, a pretty cool book blogger! :) 
1. Share your favorite joke or chat-up line.

Are you hurt? Because you fell a long way from Heaven to be here on Earth.
(And I have actually said that out loud to someone on a dare. LOL.)

2. Most embarrassing moment?

When have I not had an embarrassing moment? I'm very clumsy and awkward, so I have a tendency to trip over my own feet. The most recent incident involved me tripping up a curb while I was walking in New York. In flats. During the day. Perfectly sober.

3. Zodiac sign?

I'm a Leo. While I've always embraced the symbolism of a lion, I never realized how courageous and outspoken I could be. Well, at least until I got to New York, where I finally started embracing my talkative side!

4. Most daring thing you've ever done?

Oh wow. Hmm. I think the most daring thing I've ever done is move to an entirely new country! Well, sort of new. I was born in the US, but moved back to the Philippines when I was about 8, and stayed there for about 19 years. It honestly never crossed my mind to move to New York, let alone the US. But I did it back in 2010 - and I'm a much better person for it. It's been quite the adventure, and I'm looking forward to a couple more years before I settle down somewhere less urban and more suburban.

5. If you were about to be dropped in a pit of lava, what would you
choose as your last words?
Bon voyage, I love you all!

6. Who is your favorite cartoon character?

I've always had a huge soft spot for Mickey Mouse. Just seeing him or his shape anywhere genuinely gets me excited as I've always been a Disney girl, ever since I was young! I love the classic Mickey shape.

7. When you were a kid, what was the thing that was understood by
everyone but misinterpreted by you? (Example: ______ used to wonder
why people said that there was 0% interest. She means why would anyone
buy it if it wasn't even the slightest bit interesting?)

Okay, this one is a little silly, but whenever adults would say someone was "hot" when I was younger, I always got confused because I expected them to be on fire or something.

8. Who is your favorite blogger?

I really don't play favorites when it comes to my blogger friends! I love everyone's blogs for a different reason, and I just love having so many people to bounce opinions off of and learn from. I do have a few blogger friends who I'm really close to, but I genuinely enjoy spending time chatting with many bloggers.

9. Future plans?

I would like to settle down with my husband in a house of our own, one that has an attic, a porch, a library, a large kitchen, a big backyard and a treehouse. I intend to pen a couple of novels, have 4 or 5 kids if I can manage it and to travel around the world to see as much of it as possible.

10. Animal that you would own as a pet? (Birds, cats, dogs, fishes,
bunnies, and guinea pigs not allowed)

Oh, this is actually very easy for me - I'd love to own a white tiger. I've been fascinated by tigers ever since I was a little girl, because they're powerful and beautiful to look at. I literally spent 15 minutes just watching them in the Singapore Zoo when I visited last year!

11. Do you believe ants are nutritious?
I've never thought about this before, but I suppose so. It'd take a lot of them to make a decent-sized snack though.

12. Star Wars or Star Trek?

While I don't actively watch either, I have seen more Star Wars than Star Trek. Plus, I also have a bit of sentimentality for the fact that my dad and I used to go and watch the Star Wars films together.

13. Favorite superhero?

This is such a difficult question! I do like a lot of superheroes, particularly the ones from Marvel. I'd have to say that my favorite rotates change every so often. Currently, I'm in a phase where I really like Thor. I love the mythology behind his story!

14. Favorite super villain?

Okay, this is even harder than the previous question! If we're talking comics, I'd have to say Joker from Batman, but in the way that Heath Ledger played him. If we're just talking villains in general, I'd say Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty because she freaks me out and she's pretty badass.

15. Name one thing you love about yourself?

I love the fact that I'm overall a very positive person! I'm the eternal optimist in my family, and among my friends too. I'm that persistently blinding ray of sunshine amid lots of gray clouds, and I like that.

16. TBH...

I would love to have skipped a few of the bumps along the way in my life so far, but I realize that might change who I am now. So it's sometimes sad to think about the things I regret, but I just remind myself it's helped me become the person I am now.

17. What is your favorite shirt/dress/pants/jacket/hoodie/any piece of
clothing? Attach a picture.

Oh, this is VERY easy. I actually have an entire outfit that I really like, and I've worn it nearly every year since I got here in 2010. It's this bright yellow and pink dress that my mom got me from Bangkok, paired with my favorite brown cowboy boots.

18. Word that best describes you?

Optimist. Because I always find the silver lining in the clouds, see the glass half full instead of half empty and try to stay encouraging and happy with others.

19. Favorite app?

I'm very attached to the Twitter app. I just like being able to keep in touch with everyone I'm friends with via my phone. But if we're thinking about non-social media apps, I'm most attached to the Spotify app, because I love music.

20. What food do you crave right now? Attach a picture.

Oh gosh, this is an easy one. I'm craving the kind of chicken inasal that you can only get in Bacolod. It's one of my favorite dishes ever, and though there are attempts to replicate it here, nothing's quite the same.

21. What's the thing you can't live without?

Hate to be all philosophical for this one, but love. I don't think I can live without love.

22. What's your happy place?

I'm usually at my happiest when I'm surrounded by people I love. It doesn't really matter where we are, or what we're doing; all that matters is the company.

23. You just murdered someone. How would you dispose of their body?
(Examples: throw it in the ocean, bury it, dissolve it Breaking Bad
style) We're just curious, promise. :)

I'd probably burn the body, to leave as little evidence as possible.

24. Attach a selfie!

Here's a fairly recent one, which I also shared on Instagram! I'm just really in love with these heart-shaped sunglasses.

25. Links on where to find you?

You know what to do! Check out her links, follow and enjoy just as we did. Stay tuned for next week's featured blogger! Byieee <3! 

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  1. Grey characters add depth to novels for me, and they are the most reflective of what it means to be human.


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