Best GCQ Bonding + Stephanie Perkins Book Signing

10:33 PM

How 'bout a recap of our best day ever? :) 

So we went to Stephanie Perkins' book signing last Sunday. We know we should probably have blogged about this earlier but we really didn't have the time. We were so excited about this event and Stephanie Perkins didn't disappoint. She was so nice and patient and happy the whole time. It was amazing and when we finally met her, it was so amazing. It was easily one of the greatest moments of our lives.

When we got there, we saw this incredibly long line that seemed like it would never end. It was a good thing that Kimi got there early and secured a place for us. After a while, a car drove past us and Stephanie Perkins was waving through the window! All of the people there were screaming and cheering like hysterical fangirls, which, I guess, we all were. They finally let us in and when everybody was inside, we fully saw the amount of people that were there.

After the registration, we decided to go out for a while because there was still a lot of time to kill. We ate at Pizza Hut. We forgot to take a picture there, though. After that we went to White Hat for dessert. Then we went to eat cupcakes because, apparently, eating a full meal plus dessert is not enough for us. Also, the place was so pretty, we just couldn't resist! The cupcakes were all so cute and they all looked really good and the place itself was adorable. The chairs looked like something you would see in a dollhouse. We actually took pictures in, like, all the chairs because we're just cool like that. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that all the people there watching us move from table to table and take photos thought we were crazy. We walked around a little bit then we realized that the event was about to start so we went back there.



We all gathered in the middle and this lady came in. She said that Stephanie Perkins was about to come in and everyone started screaming and raising their banners. She didn't actually come in though until, like, ten minutes later. But let's not talk about that! Let's talk about when Stephanie Perkins finally came in. The crowd went wild! We couldn't really see her at first because, you know, we're kinda short and there were lots of taller people in front of us, but we did hear her voice.

After her interview, the book signing started. Luckily, we were able to let her sign our books without waiting so long. We were able to hug her, take a picture with her and have a short chat! BEST THING EVER!

Steph didn't come alone. She came with her super sweet husband Jarrod, and he even signed our books too. They were so sweet and I can't eveeeeeen describe in words how awesome the whole day was. 

Selfie while waiting in Jarrod's line

We also posted pictures in our Instagram account, make sure to check it out! <3 

Kimi: @randomsupergirl
Beryl: @berylski

So, that was our experience! Were you there at the book signing too? :)

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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