Book in Review: Dear Nobody: The True Diary of Mary Rose

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Title: Dear Nobody: The True Diary of Mary Rose
Author: Gillian McCain an dLegs McNeil (editors)
Hardcover330 pages
Published April 1st 2014 by Sourcebooks Fire
Format: ARC
Rating: 5/5 stars

Honestly, Dear Nobody is one of the most disturbing and triggering books I've ever read - that finishing it and having to write how I feel about it in this review is an incredible feat I have been avoiding for days. I definitely did not enjoy the book and I would never read it again nor do I want to relive it; but it is a book that I felt is so important and powerful that not finishing it would be my loss. 

What I loved about the book is how mature Mary rose's perspective on life is. I was vehemently impressed by the way she viewed things and the intricate pattern to her thoughts on her future, dreams and even that of death. It was absolutely difficult to go on with this book starting from page 1, most especially because it reminded me so much of myself - despite our differences in home life and of health. Mary Rose's plead to be accepted and be valued and be loved by people is something that reminds me of how I felt in my younger teenage years and that was why I identified with her so muchh despite our obvious differences. 

I think it is also important to note that Mary Rose who was a teenager in the 80's is not so different from teenagers in the 21st century. It pained me to see that this could've easily passed as a diary written by a teenager today, because the many experiences that Mary went through is not stranger to any of us. There were several important issues raised in this book, not just on health, abuse, alcohol, drugs but even feminist ones regarding double standards and yes, rape. It was heartbreaking to hear Mary voice out her feelings about society as a whole and how she felt for Geoff, hating him but also not being able to shake him off - because all of this was so, so true. It was depressing and very relatable to go into Mary's thoughts as she questioned the double standards that continue to persist in society and whatever gender constructs that exist. Mary's downward spiral with her health and how she dealt with being raped 2 times was gut wrenching to read as my heart went out to everyone who is or was sick and to all other girls who have been violated and hurt in the past and up to the present. 

Mary was undoubtedly one of the strongest and most brilliant women I've ever had the pleasure to know, een if it was just through her diaries. Her writing resonated into me and I will not forget about her. Mary Rose's writing was so angry, gritty raw and honest. It will be difficult to read and I would suggest a trigger warning, but nevertheless Dear Nobody was a worthy read that would stay with me for years to come.

This isn't just a book about sickness and abuse, it is a book about a teenager who is trying to face the realities of life, questioning society, and finding acceptance and love along the way. 

Giving this a 5 star rating because it is a diary and is too personal and honest that it deserves no less than that.

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  1. I have heard SO much about this book. While the raw reality of it really intrigues me, I just don't think I could read it. It seems too private and triggering like you said.

    Kristen @ Pretty Little Pages


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