Interviewing Celine: Week 8

5:28 PM

Hi guys! It's already week 8 which means it's our eight featured blogger! 
Meet Celine, a fellow book blogger who also lives in the Philippines. Cool right? Get to know her by reading her answers from our questionnaire. :) 

1. Share your favorite joke or chat-up line.
Oh, this joke might be a little too dirty, so I won’t share. I’m so sorry BUT IT’S REALLY DIRTY. 

2. Most embarrassing moment?
Okay, so there’s this time I was like stalking this girl. We have 0 mutuals. I accidentally added her and I didn’t find out until she accepted me. Totally embarrassing. I don’t even want to think about it. The only good thing about it is that now I know I’m not fit to be a detective.

3. Zodiac sign?

4. Most daring thing you've ever done?
There was this time when I was a kid. My friend and I went in front of her crush’s house and we started yelling “*inserts my friend’s name here* likes you!!!” and “*inserts my name here* like you!”….. I’m never doing it again. This is a warning for you kids out there not to try it. Seriously. 

5. If you were about to be dropped in a pit of lava, what would you
choose as your last words?
I don’t want to die yet, so I’ll probably yell ‘Help me!’or something like that. 

6. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
Mr. Bean. He’s the best. 

7. When you were a kid, what was the thing that was understood by
everyone but misinterpreted by you? (Example: ______ used to wonder
why people said that there was 0% interest. She means why would anyone
buy it if it wasn't even the slightest bit interesting?)
When I was in grade school, my busmate asked me “If a rooster who is facing north lays an egg, where will the egg drop?”, I answered “South”. They all laughed at me, and I didn’t understand why. I was really proud of my answer but turns out roosters don’t lay eggs. So yep, shame on me.  

8. Who is your favorite blogger?
A lot. But all I can think of right now are Hazel from Stay Bookish (she takes amazing pictures! If you don’t know what contemporary book you should read next, then check out her blog!), Emily from The Book Geek, and Natasha from Natasha is a Book Junkie. 

9. Future plans?
As of now, my future plans involve me being a Psychologist and having lots of books. (Note: That’s not definite. I’m still debating what course will I take in college.)

10. Animal that you would own as a pet? (Birds, cats, dogs, fishes,
bunnies, and guinea pigs not allowed)
PANDA. OR PANDAS. They’re so fluffy!!! Well, at least I think they are. 

11. Do you believe ants are nutritious?
Yes! I ate one when I was a kid. :p

12. Star Wars or Star Trek?
Oh… I don’t watch Star Wars and Star Trek. (Don’t judge me!)

13. Favorite superhero?
I don’t really watch movies nor do I read comics, but my favourite superhero is Superman only because Henry Cavill portrays him. (Did you know? I haven’t watched the Avengers yet. -_-) 

14. Favorite super villain?
*SINGS DOOFENSHMIRTZ EVIL INCORPORATED* Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb! 

15. Name one thing you love about yourself?
The ability to cram things in just one day. Or night.

16. TBH…

TBH, anime > books. Sorry. But I just love anime. 

17. What is your favorite shirt/dress/pants/jacket/hoodie/any piece of
My favorite pair of jeans!!! Fun fact: It used to be skinny. I’m still not sure how it became baggy. PS: Ignore my feet. 

18. Word that best describes you?
Divergent. Haha! Kidding. Diverse, maybe? Because I have a lot of hobbies. I love to read books, to play online games, to watch anime, and to draw. 

19. Favorite app?
I have tons of favorite app but if I have to choose one, it would be VSCO. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, then do it now. You have to get that app. The filters are just frickin' amazing.

20. What food do you crave right now?
Strawberry yogurt!!

21. What's the thing you can't live without?
Ummmm, a lot. I can’t live without my books, my laptop, and my iTouch. 

22. What's your happy place?
Forgive me for this, but this is my happy place: 


23. You just murdered someone. How would you dispose of their body?
(Examples: throw it in the ocean, bury it, dissolve it Breaking Bad
style) We're just curious, promise. :)

I’ll probably burn the body. Hehe I wouldn’t want to leave any evidences. 

24. Attach a selfie!
Not sure if this is a considered a selfie, but here it is!  

25. Links on where to find you?
You can also find me @ home sleeping. 

Follow follow follow and she will love your 5ever! <3 

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  1. Interviews and learning about other bloggers is always so much fun! Thanks for hosting this Ann and wonderful answers Celine (it's great to see you here!) Thanks for sharing! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf


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