Random Saturdays: Kimi's Best Book Boyfriends

7:38 PM

This Saturday I am going to talk about my favorite book boyfriends in YA! :) I don't normally talk about this subject because I'm not really the kind who reads for the guys in the books - they're just usually a plus point! But for this Saturday, I'll be enumerating the guys who make YA a lot better.

Etienne (Anna and the French Kiss)
Swoon! I've always loved French boys and Etienne is my absolute favorite because of his charm.

Ben (Aspen)
This guy is popular hot and everyone loves him. But he is just a natural good guy; he's the kind of guy who's gonna lie down with you on the street, and I love him because of that.

Levi (Fangirl)
A guy who's willing to listen to you read your fanfiction? Hello? What more could I ask for?

Ron (Harry Potter series)
Weasley is our king, alright! I've always admired Ron for being loyal, brave, outspoken, funny, brilliant and just being a good person! 

Peeta (The Hunger Games trilogy)
I just can't get enough of this guy. He's gentle, kind and beautiful. He has one of the biggest hearts and his views in life are just admirable. He always stands up for what is right and he will never leave you.

Sam Henry (Catching Jordan)
Oh, Sam Henry. A good best friend but an even better boyfriend. He doesn't look down on women and you can just be yourself around him.

Who are your favorite book boyfriends? Tell us below! :)

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