Interviewing Abbey: Week 3

9:55 PM

Week 3, here we come! This week's featured blogger is a web developer, graphic designer, photographer, traveler, and an awesome blogger. Isn't that cool? Let's get to know:  

1. Share your favorite joke or chat-up line.

As of now here's my fave joke. Hahahaha sorry for being corny.

2. Most embarrassing moment? 
Another embarrassing moment question, thank goodness I have a lot. Haha Well, I am a little talkative with my friends. One time, I have been talking with my friend while walking. I walk and walk and talk and talk.  Little did I know, she stopped for while and I did not notice it. It was too late when I realized it. I was talking to unknown person. Gaaah!

3. Zodiac sign?

4. Most daring thing you've ever done?
I think riding a police motorcycle. The policeman offered me a free ride because Roxas was closed. A marathon was held during that time so he dropped me along Macapagal Ave, where I could ride a fx to go home.

5. If you were about to be dropped in a pit of lava, what would you choose as your last words?
Lord, save me!!!

6. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
Little twin star or sailormoon.

7. When you were a kid, what was the thing that was understood by everyone but misinterpreted by you? (Example: ______ used to wonder why people said that there was 0% interest. She means why would anyone buy it if it wasn't even the slightest bit interesting?)
I can't remember anything, :P hmmm.. Maybe having a period, it would only happen once and it is over. Hehehe.

8. Who is your favorite blogger?
I have a lot of fave bloggers but the most fave one would be Saab Magalona.

9. Future plans?
Do well with my future new job, get married, buy a house, have little babies, travel the world and keep on blogging. ;)

10. Animal that you would own as a pet? (Birds, cats, dogs, fishes, bunnies, and guinea pigs not allowed)
Dagang costa, spider and itik hahahaah i tried once when i was little. They all died. :(

11. Do you believe ants are nutritious?
No. I hate ants. They steal my food. Haha.

12. Star Wars or Star Trek? 
None. Sorry, haven't watch any of the two.

13. Favorite superhero?
Ironman and Spiderman

14. Favorite super villain?

15. Name one thing you love about yourself.
Being loyal to my friends and to my loved ones.

16. TBH...
To be honest, sometimes i just want to roll in my bed whole day so I would get recharge for the couple of days.

17. What is your favorite shirt/dress/pants/jacket/hoodie/any piece of clothing? Attach a picture.
My teal cardgian will be my fave. <3

18. Word that best describes you?

19. Favorite app?
As of now, clash of clans, boom beach, 2048 and dots.

20. What food do you crave right now? Attach a picture.
Caramel popcorn from Chicago Popcorn

21. What's the thing you can't live without?
My ipad. Hehehe.

22. What's your happy place?
My room or the church.

23. You just murdered someone. How would you dispose of their body?(Examples: throw it in the ocean, bury it, dissolve it Breaking Bad style) We're just curious, promise. :)
Of course i would clean and dispose the evidence. Then, dissolve it  breaking bad style and burn it. Hahaha.

24. Attach a selfie!
I am not really into selfies lately. Hehe. Too lazy.

25. Links on where to find you?

Be sure to check out her links, follow her, so that you can get to know her more! :) 

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Leave a comment below, and stay tuned for next week's featured blogger!! BYIEEEEEEEEEE.:)

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