Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Things That We'd Like to Own

7:55 PM

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Every week, there is a different topic. This week's topic is the top ten things we'd like to own that are bookish. It could be like bookmarks, bookshelves, bookends, bookish shirts, etc.

1. Harry Potter T-Shirt
We think that every book lover would kill for these. We certainly would! It doesn't even have to be shirts. It could be hoodies, shoes, and other stuff. 

2. Our Favorite Books' Covers Framed
We don't know what this is called. We just wanted it. The covers of our favorite books will be framed and then hung on the wall. Problem is, to frame the covers, we'd have to rip them off or print them and if we print them, it wouldn't look as nice.

3. A Room Full of Books
Basically, everything in that room will have a book in it, on it, or around it. Books will be in the chairs, on the tables, stocked on the bookshelves, placed everywhere. We'd never leave that room and if we die in there, you can assure we died happy.

4. Personalized Bookshelves
The bookshelves will be decorated however we want it and the books on it will be arranged not alphabetically or to their genre. Maybe we'll arrange it according to what we're going to read that week or whatever. We haven't really thought this one through yet. :))

5. A Pillow Filled With Our Favorite Quotes From Random Books
How cool would that be? While reading your favorite book, you get to clutch a pillow filled with bookish quotes.

6. A Tardis Bookshelf
While looking at pictures of cool bookshelves, we found one with the design of a Tardis. We just have to have this. Life is jot complete without one of these.

7. Library Embosser
We hate writing on books since we feel like it makes the book look messy. We still want to mark the book we own with our names though but in a way that it will look classy. We thought that this would be totally perfect for it.

We can only come up of 7 right now, but we'll add more! What's on your list? :)

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  1. OOoh nice! I made a goof and did next week's "pick your topic" topic. So next week I will have to search for my bookish non book items!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Yes to all of these choices! :D Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf


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