Book in Review: The Ghost Box by Catherine Fisher

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Title: The Ghost Box
Author: Catherine Fisher
Publisher: Stoke Books
Publication Date: January 1, 2012
Library Binding: 67 pages
Rating: 3/5

Sarah finds a silver box in her room one day. Sarah meets a boy. Boy needs her to open the box. Sarah has to find a key for the box.

I don't really have  much to say about this book. I believe it's because it's so short. The Ghost Box had the potential to become really great but because of its length, it failed to be spectacular. I mean, the plot was interesting and there were moments when you would really get creeped out but then again it was too short. I don't have anything against short stories but I feel like this one could be worked with and lengthened. Maybe there should have been more difficulty in getting the key or maybe it should have talked more about what happened to the boy.

The writing didn't really give a lot of detail about our main character. I don't know what her eyes look like, how tall she is, what's the color of her hair or even how old she was. Apart from the very little details about Sarah, the other characters and the places were described in full detail. There were some things in the book that were left unexplained. Also, Sarah's parents got divorced, one parent is remarrying and she hates her stepbrother but the book does not talk all that much about those things. Instead, it focuses on the boy and his box. However, the book did show the bond starting to form between the step-siblings so the book did not completely neglect the other problems.

Other than that the book was great. The writing was good and the plot was unique. The characters were likeable and they did not do things for no particular reason. It was a short read that would be perfect for those who want to read a story that will give you goosebumps but won't freak you out too much.

Have you read The Ghost Box? What do you think about it? Leave a comment!

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