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Hi guys!!

We've been doing a lot of reviews, book tours, and basically all of our scheduled posts. But we haven't taken the time yet to just update you with our lives and this blog. Today, we want to talk to you, just tell you what's happening, what we're planning to do and what we were able to do already.

Blog Design

We're actually pretty happy with our blog design already and we haven't had it for so long yet. We're probably gonna change it, but we don't know exactly when. We could actually change it anytime that we feel like it. We're also quite sure that we're gonna change it within this year, maybe even more than once, so stay tuned for that! :)

Blog Posts

Audrey and Beryl are definitely gonna be more active in the next couple of months since school's out and they have plenty of time to blog already. Kimi's still a bit busy, but we're sure she'll find time for blogging. We are aware that we haven't been actively participating in blog features like FFFs or Waiting on Wednesdays. This is why we are planning to put these in our schedule too. We're not gonna be able to post everyday as our sched is hectic (school, extracurricular activities, side projects, catching up on our  TV series - if you count that as hectic). Even so, we are aiming to have quality content that will make up for the lack of posts. Hope you guys understand!

Personal Livessssssssssss

Since it's already summer here in the Philippines, we haven't been doing anything at all. And we're already more productive than last year. We have been blogging, watching series, reading, eating, taking naps (three naps a day keeps the doctor away!), stalking celebs, and the list goes on! If you have no life, like us two, we'll share to you what we do to keep boredom away.

1. TV Series to Watch
Teen Wolf
Why Watch: Dylan O'Brien, hot dudes, unnecessary backflips, DYLAN O'BRIEN, werewolves

Why Watch: you can use your brain, you learn stuff, it makes you feel smart

Why Watch: funny, stress-relieving

2. Books to Read
Books by Colleen Hoover
Why Read: excellent writer, 5-star reviews from Kimi

That's all for today! We really enjoyed writing this post, hope you guys enjoyed it too! Comment down below your fave series and books, so we could watch and read them together. <3

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2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
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