Book in Review: Love and Profanity by Nick Healy

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Title: Love and Profanity
Editor: Nick Healy
Format: ARC
Hardcover: 232 pages
Expected Publication: March 1, 2015
Publisher: Switch Press
Rating: 2/5


Here are more than forty short, brilliant, and unforgettable true stories from writers famous and on-the-rise. Here is the intensity of daily life. Here are transformative moments arising from the mundane. Here are strange and surprising tales that tap into universal truths. Here are teenagers in full splendor and horror. Here they are, bursting with love and profanity.

Honestly, I love the title of this book, and I had high expectations.  But, the title was misleading since the stories weren't really about love and profanity. The short stories tackled teenage life and growing up. I also thought I could relate to it, but I didn't. I don't know if it's just me or it's really not that relatable.

 Most of the stories were beautifully written, but it felt like there were many aspects lacking. It's as if those stories were made up and not based on real experiences. Also, I wished that the authors' bio were already included in the uncorrected copy, so I could understand the stories more. Lastly, I found the divisions of the book off. The stories were divided into four sections- "Love and Profanity", "Love and Physics", "Love and Madness" and "Love and Apologies" Although, I felt that only the first few stories correspond to its section.

This book could have been better if the editing was tight, and it chose the right stories in the book.
There was like one story that could be removed, and there were some that are just anti-climactic and pointless.

I gave this book 2 stars because I felt that it has potential, but because of the not-so-great stories and the placement of the stories that failed to excited the readers, the entire book seemed to fall flat

If you love personal essays then this book is for you!

Have you read Love and Profanity? What did you think? Leave a comment!

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