Santa Sock of Surprises: Book Themed Gift Ideas for Christmas

10:57 PM

Hey everyone! Welcome to Day 2 of GCQ's Santa Sock of Surprises! So there's only 4 days left til Christmas and for today's surprise from the Santa Sock, I will be giving some cool Christmas gift ideas for bookies like me. So if you have a friend who loves books as much as we do, these are the best gifts you could give them this holiday season. This is also somehow MY Christmas wishlist so if you're thinking of getting me something... well you know what to do. Haha.

1. Wall Art Thing
Illustration, Book lover gift, Writer gift, Bookish gift, Writer quotes, Wall art for nerds, Set of 4 Prints on Fine Art Paper

I saw this one over here and since I am such a sucker for books AND art, I can't not put this on this list! It's a wall art thing with Hunter S Thompson, Charles Bukowski, Sylvia Plath, and Jack Kerouac on it and it's just so pretty to my eyes! <3

2. Book USB
USB drive with 3000 free classic books  - no extra software needed to open and read them.
Can I just say, this is the perfect USB to store all your ebooks! As a type of person who ALWAYS loses her USB, I'd probably take much better care of it if it looked like this.

3. Haruki Murakami embroidered tote bag

Haruki Murakami embroidered tote bag
I am such a huge fan of these books and the art is just amazing! 

4. Laptop Book Themed Case

Macbook Book-Case

5. Leg Bookmarks

Leg Bookmarks

6. Automatic Reading Lamp

Automatic Reading Light
You can get more information about this here

Well that's it for today's surprise! Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog post! We hope you enjoyed these pretties. Let us know in the comments below what gifts YOU are looking forward to getting this Christmas.

Have a great holiday everyone! :) 

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    Tote bags are awesomesauce! :)


    Such awesome things! I NEED THESE!

    Great post! :)
    ~Fari 0:)

  2. Great choices! I love the Laptop Book Themed Case.
    I'm a huge fan of bookish gifts, so I've also published a post with a Holiday Gift Guide for book lovers.


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