Liebster Awards #2

11:15 PM

We were nominated for the Liebster Awards by Rimsha@Ramblings of a Bookworm. This is the 2nd time we have been nominated and we're just so thankful for everything! :) It's a very great opportunity for us and we are very excited to participate in it.

11 Facts About Us:

1. We love food. That will never, ever, ever change. This will remain true until the end of the time. Even when zombies have taken over the earth or mutant rabbits are ruling the earth, we will still love food.

2. We are not morning people. You really don't wanna see us on the morning. Not only do we look terrible, our attitudes are terrible too.

3. We are all allergic to dust. We start sneezing and our eyes start to itch and redden whenever there is too much dust in one place.

4. The age gap between Audrey and Kimi is nearly 7 years. Even if it is like that, we hardly notice the difference and Kimi doesn't really look older than Audrey since Kimi looks really young and Audrey looks older than her actual age.

5. We all spend too much time watching series. We don't think that we will ever actually get rid of this habit and we don't really think of it as a problem right now.

6. We are all addicted to chocolate and pizza. You guys may have heard this a million times from us but we couldn't stop ourselves from stating it yet again.

7. We all feel unprotected without our gadgets. Whenever we have left our gadgets at home because we forgot to bring it or because it's charging, we feel like a part of us is missing and can't wait until we get our gadgets back again.

8. We love unicorns. It might seem childish to you but it's just something that we all like.

9. We can't sleep with the lights on. Actually, Beryl is the one who really can't sleep with the lights on but Kimi and Audrey have difficulty too.

10. Audrey doesn't like eating oranges. It's not because she thinks that oranges taste bad, it's simply because she is always unsuccessful at taking the skin off and she hates the feel of the seeds.

11. We all like reading in our iTouches or iPads under the comforter. We don't know why but we really do like reading underneath the covers. We think that maybe it's because it's more peaceful there but we have no solid theory.

Questions Asked to Us by Rimsha@Ramblings of a Bookworm:

1. Why do you love to read and blog?
We love reading and blogging because of the thrill we get from it. We also love the blogging community and have a passion for books. We love the feeling of being in a new world while reading books and meeting new people while blogging. We also love interacting and getting noticed by our favorite authors and fellow bloggers.

2. What are your hobbies?
Aside from reading and blogging, we also love watching television shows and movies. We like to eat (is that considered a hobby?) whenever we're bored or have nothing else to do. We don't really have much hobbies so we can't state a lot of them.

3. What kind of person you are describe in three words.
Beryl would have to be carefree, happy-go-lucky, and friendly. Audrey is antisocial, slightly crazy, and at times, hyper. Kimi is friendly, smart, and creative.

4. Fictional crush?
Our fictional crush will always and forever be Peeta Mellark. He is perfect, sweet, and really cute. There aren't enough words to describe how perfect he is. A million thank yous to Suzanne for creating Peeta. You deserve a lifetime supply of chocolate and pizza for this!

5. Name three things you hate.
Audrey hates the sound when the fork scratches the plate, an empty fridge, and having to do everything in a group. Beryl hates the sound of nails scratching cloth, broccoli, and lag. Kimi hates worms, lizards, and being seen-zoned.

6. Favorite book(s)/series?
Audrey doesn't really have any favorite book but if she were to have one, it would probably be Eleanor and Park or Gone Girl (depending on her mood). Beryl's would be Anna and the French Kiss and Kimi's would be Catcher in the Rye.

7. If you could live in a fictional world (Narnia, Hogwarts, Middle Earth etc) where would you live?
If we were to live in a fictional world, we would probably want to live in Hogwarts but at the time where Voldemort was not yet there. We feel like being there would be very interesting and fun. We also believe that if we were to be in the world of Harry Potter, we would be wizards, not muggles, which is why we would be in Hogwarts.

8. What are you studying/have you studied?
Kimi is studying communication arts and advertising management. Since Audrey is only in grade 6 and Beryl is only in high school, they don't really have a choice but to study English, Math, Science, and other subjects.

9. Any blogging advice?
We haven't really been blogging for long but we already love it. Our advice for aspiring bloggers out there is to never give up and be patient. You also have to be very hardworking to be able to maintain a good blog. The thing that you really have to remember is that blogging isn't easy but if you try hard enough, you'll get used to it and enjoy blogging even more.

10. Favorite movie(s)/TV show(s).
Audrey's favorite television show is Friends (but she also loves Doctor Who as much as she loves Friends). Kimi's favorite television show would have to be Doctor Who. Beryl's favorite television show is Breaking Bad (although she loves How I Met Your Mother and Friends too).

11. Your role model(s) or inspirational person(s).
We have two people that we consider to be our ultimate role model/inspirational person. Those two would have to be Ariana Grande and Ellen DeGeneres. Ariana seems so sweet and her voice is great. She doesn't brag and she has a great fashion sense. We can't find anything wrong with her. She seems perfect in every way. As for Ellen, she is just so open about her sexuality. She also shows people that being gay or lesbian isn't the biggest thing about someone. Whenever we watch her show, we find ourselves forgetting about her sexuality and we hope that she has made others realize that being part of the LGBT society isn't the biggest thing you should see in someone. Ellen is funny in a way that no one is insulted, She knows when to crack jokes and when she should be serious. She too, seems perfect. We hope that you have been inspired by them too.

11 Question From Us:

1. Who is your favorite author?
2. What is your favorite book genre?
3. What book would you like to become a movie?
4. What particular topic in a book or movie would you like to see or read?
5. What book have you re-read the most?
6. Do you prefer hardcover or paperback?
7. Would you rather be able to play every sport or be able to play every instrument?
8. What is your favorite music genre?
9. Why did you decide to start a blog?
10. Who is your favorite character (in books, movies etc.)?
11. What is your favorite food?

Blog We Nominate:
1. Ivana @ Teenage Bookworms

What do you think about this post? Who are your role models? Leave a comment!

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  1. Great post I had so much fun reading this I think I have a lot of stuff in common with you guys especially with Audery, I look old for my age too, love How I Met Your Mother and Friends, and am anti social and crazy too *fist bumb* :)
    Rimsha@Ramblings of a Bookworm

    1. Thanks, Rimsha! I loved your post about the Liebster Awrds and had fun reading it too! Yay for being anti social and crazy! *returns fist bump*

  2. Yay for food! Audrey, I feel you on those oranges. Drives me nuts. :p

    Kimi, what is "seen-zoned"? (Never heard of that term before.)

    Beryl, I'm not a fan of broccoli, either. ;)

    1. Seen-zoned is basically when people don't reply to your FB messages but there's a "seen" notif on the chat box :) It's like friendzone but instead it's seenzone! And it hurts a lot when people don't reply to my messages when it's obvious that they actually did see the message :(

      I hope that wasn't confusing... lol


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