GCQ Travels: Tokyo and Osaka, Japan

12:46 AM

Hi guys!

So we just got back from Japan a few days ago, and we wanted to share to you our experience! We compiled all our days there in a video, and we'll be sharing that to you through this post! It's actually funny how we arrived there on Christmas Eve and got back to the Philippines on New Year's Eve. We stayed in Japan for 8 days, but our first and last day were mostly spent on the airport.

The Japanese culture and people came as a shock to us because we weren't used to the atmosphere of the place. Everyone was very kind and helpful, not hesitating to approach you and guide you through everything. There were times when we really couldn't figure out how things worked there, mainly because of the language barrier and unfamiliar area, but people, even strangers that just happened to be around at the time were quick to approach and help out. Their disciplined and respectful nature also stands out. The streets are quite clean, their lines and systems are orderly, and their employees are cheerful and polite. It really is a great place to visit, even if you're new to traveling. Everyone is just really nice, and you'll find yourself enjoying the gorgeous scenery and colorful, lively culture.

I (Beryl) hope you guys enjoy the video especially since it's my first time to make something like this!!

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