February Greetings + January Wrap-up

9:36 PM

AHH! A new month has come which means January is over!! I honestly can't believe how 2016 is going by so fast. I feel like I just made our Happy New Year post yesterday. Anyway, this month is love month! Valentines Day is coming up which means there will be Valentines posts. Also, this month, we started to organize our posts to make sure that we will be able to post around 3-4 times a week! We've been brainstorming a lot to make good content! Today, we just want to share to you some things we're looking forward to this month, and last month's highlights!


1. Kimi went to Hong Kong!

2. Audrey celebrated her birthday for four days!!

Audrey: The day before my birthday, my friends and Beryl prepared a surprise party for me. We were actually supposed to finish up a project, but the friend who was giving me a ride there brought me to a restaurant instead, and as soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a slice of cake and a birthday lunch/dinner (linner?). On my actual birthday, I brought, like, six boxes of pizza and celebrated with my Pep Squad teammates. The day after, I had training again, and when we were getting ready to start jogging, our cheer captain came out with a makeshift Puto Cake and a bunch of letters signed by the entire squad. On the fourth day, I celebrated with my family and ate really good chocolate cake. It was seriously the best birthday ever!!!

3. Beryl tried the Cotton Candy frappe from Starbucks!


1. Chinese New Year is coming up!

2. Long weekend!!

3. Zambales Trip with Fambam and friends!

4. Valentines Day!!! (jk)

Honestly, we don't have a whole lot planned yet for February. That's really the incredibly short list of what we have for now, but we're gonna make the best of what's to come and enjoy the month. We'll blog about anything we find fun, promise! We hope that you enjoy your February, and whether or not you've got a special someone this Feb, remember to have fun and love the person that matters most, yourself. :)

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