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We've been gone for a while in the blogging world so we feel like we haven't shared to you details of what we've been up to. We have the exact same excuse as all the other times we've been gone, which is that school's been taking up all of our time. It was finals week last week, so we've all been really busy trying to catch up with all the deadlines and cramming for all the exams. We can't be sure of whether or not we'll be busy this week, so we'll try to update you with this blog post as much as we can and give you all the details now in case we don't have time to blog again.

So as we've said earlier, all we've done this week is basically study, study, study. We've also been really stressed out for the past two to three weeks, literally we've been breaking out and everything. A lot of things have been going on really, apart from the finals, we've had a lot of projects, papers and essays due too. Another thing is that we have an upcoming performance for our intramurals that we've been practicing for non-stop. We finally found the time to blog today since we pretty much finished everything already. Even though we're definitely more chill than we were a few weeks ago, we still feel quite horrible actually. We haven't really been getting enough sleep and all the aspects of our life from school to family to friends to extracurricular activities have been overloading, so we have been sleeping late and waking up early even on weekends. Even so, we're taking the time to blog right now since we've really missed it. We hope that we can be more consistent in the weeks to come. 

By the way, we're nearing 200 followers!!! We're super happy and excited about it, and we would like to thank you all so much for sticking with us even though we haven't been doing anything lately. We'll try to blog more and maybe host a giveaway??? No promises! We would also like to apologize in advance because we might not be posting a lot of book reviews in the near future since we really haven't had the time to read anything at all. We'll try to think of new things to post that you guys will hopefully enjoy just as much. :)

Hey guys!! Kimi here! And I'm so scared to face the blogging world because I haven't been doing any blogging or reading in the past month! frown emoticon Ever since school started I've been bombarded with never ending acads and org work. You guys might now know, but I'm a president of my organization in college and it's taking up most of my time these days. We've been organizing a lot of activities and been doing outreach projects (since my org is a socio civic org) so I've been quite stressed lately. I really was on the verge of a breakdown for a while back there, but I was able to pick myself back up by watching The Duff (my ultimate feel good movie from now on) and listening to Hannah Montana music (yes it still works for me until now!). I'll probably find more time to read, and blog by October; hopefully things have settled down by then. And I'll be posting my hauls and travel stories soon! I just went to the Manila International Book Fair and I can't wait to share my experience with you guys! It's my 3rd year and it's still so wow to see so many books in one place! I hope I can do it soon. Thank you so much for sticking around with us, despite all our shortcomings.

We promise we'll be around more once we're less busy! And we'll do something for you guys just as a little thank you! <3

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2015 Reading Challenge
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