GCQ Travels: Bicol

10:10 PM

We are in Bicol! Ok, not the three of us but Beryl and Auds. Kimi is currently in Taiwan which is why she couldn't come here. This vacation might be quite long, but we're planning to do a lot of things to make it really fun. We'll be blogging most of these things for you guys, but not all of the things that we will blog about will be about books. We might do a couple of DIYs or just fun experiences that we wanted to share with you.

Since we arrived here, we've already done a lot of things. We'll be sharing to you the highlights of our trip so far.

Gorgeous view of the Mayon Volcano

Swimming with one of our cousins


Audrey got her nails done :)

 That's it for now! We'll be posting more next time, so stay tuned! Hope you enjoy! :)

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2015 Reading Challenge
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