8:49 PM

"Pray hard, study harder, and party hardest."

Yup, just one of the advices I got during my debut.

(Via if you're reading this, that is probably the best advice I've ever gotten.)

I digress.

I love being 18. I really do. I know that most people hate getting older but turning 18 has given me one of the best feelings ever in my life.

Sure, I still can't drive. I still have to go to school. I can now get imprisoned if I do anything wrong or illegal (not that I do). I probably won't even really do anything with this new sense of legality. It's not like being 18 will suddenly turn me into this alcohol consuming tattoo addict person.

But there is a certain feeling of freedom I get now that I'm 18. It means I'm old enough to make my own decisions and opinions about certain issues. It means I'm mature enough that what I have to say would be taken seriously. It means I would be taken seriously by the people around me. It means that my opinion would count, that I would count. 

But it doesn't mean that I am now this perfect mature wise experienced person. No. I'd still probably get lost if you leave me on my own at Disneyland (And I'd cry).

Being 18 gives me this refreshing feeling that I'm old but still young enough to explore the world, make mistakes, meet new people, fall in love, gain experiences, and most importantly - find myself.

And that is why I love being 18. ❤


Pictures taken 3rd of November, Trader's Hotel. Taken using my iPod touch unless stated otherwise :)

(More pictures next time when I get the HD photos :) )

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2015 Reading Challenge
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